How to counter miner

How to counter miner

Miner control updated :: counter the meta

You have the OP ice wizard and tornado duo on defense, which works incredibly well together. You also have the Valkyrie, who can effectively counter witches and wall breakers, making it impossible for your adversary to penetrate your defense.
You have the miner and the balloon on offense. Miner is a great way to chip away at their tower and push them to spend elixir defensively in the game. When you know their main counter is out of cycle, or you can take out a counter with your zap or fire spirits, the balloon should be used. Through using the miner as a tank, you can build a synergy with the balloon.
As I previously said, this guy is essential to use on offense in order to chip away at their towers. However, if your Valkyrie is out of cycle, you can need to use him defensively. You may also use him to snipe long-range units such as the magic archer, princess, or dart goblin. When using this man, keep in mind that you should always switch up his placement and play him in the safe spot if he’s your first play.

How to use & counter miner | clash royale

Valkyrie is the primary melee area damage card in your deck. She can quickly sweep away any ground swarms, making her a formidable opponent for Graveyard. She also has a large health pool that she can use to tank troops.
Poison is your key spell for dealing medium harm. Using it against swarms and glass cannons. It deals slow damage over time, which is useful against Graveyard because the length is nearly the same, but make sure to level it up so it can destroy Skeletons in one tick.
Electro Wizard: Your primary ranged troop, capable of repelling a number of threats such as Sparky, Inferno Dragon, Balloon, and others. He’s a successful Graveyard counter because his spawn damage is effective against swarms.

Elixir golem counter deck! miner cycle wall breakers

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Tunnel warfare is the general term for warfare that takes place in tunnels and other underground spaces. It often entails the development of underground facilities (mining or undermining) in order to invade or protect, as well as the military use of natural caves and artificial underground facilities. Tunnels can be used to weaken fortifications and sneak into enemy territory for a surprise assault, or they can be used to reinforce a defense by allowing for ambush, counterattack, and the ability to move troops from one part of the battlefield to another while remaining unnoticed and secure. Tunnels can also provide cover from enemy attack for both combatants and non-combatants.

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The miner, like the goblin barrel, the graveyard, and the spells, belongs to a category of cards that can be used anywhere in the arena. When deployed in attack, the miner can take aim at the opposing princess tower thanks to his high hit points for a 3 elixirs card. The miner will cause between 200 and 300 damage to the princess tower depending on his level if he is not stopped. He allows a very good combination of poison because it kills troops like goblins, skeletons, and minions, preventing the opponent from protecting the miner with swarm troops.
The miner deck’s operation is focused on a flawless security. Since the miner’s job is to chip away at the hit points of the opponent’s towers, it’s important to protect your own princess towers. As a result, we find very powerful defensive cards in the miner set, such as the electro-wizard, inferno tower, and knight. If your opponent’s king’s tower is triggered, your miner will deal much less damage.

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