How to find my bitcoin address

How to find my bitcoin address

How to trace a bitcoin transaction using a bitcoin receiving

This part of the wallet, located under Settings, houses all of your bitcoin and bitcoin cash sub-wallets and addresses. Here you can manage your emails, arrange your funds, and build sub-wallets.
Taking care of your sub-wallets
Under Settings > Wallets & Addresses, you’ll find a list of your sub-wallets. You only have one by default, called My Bitcoin Wallet. Each sub-wallet can be managed by clicking Manage to the right of its name. A button named More Options is located to the right of the name in the Manage section. By pressing it, a dropdown menu with additional functions will appear. More Choices Edit Name and Show xPub will be the only choices in your default wallet (My Bitcoin Wallet on default settings). The others are as follows:

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To obtain bitcoin, all you have to do is give the person who wants to pay you one of your wallet’s addresses. Electrum tries to build a workflow for receiving bitcoin with the receive tab, which includes adding a label to your address, an estimated number, and saving it in the wallet as a receive request.
So there you have it, the Electrum Receive tab. As you can see, it’s set up to give out new addresses whenever you need them. This is due to the fact that reusing addresses is a bad idea. That isn’t to suggest you won’t be able to do it. It’s simply not a good idea.

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However, because we’re talking about Bitcoins and not postcards, the place where you send and receive Bitcoins is on the internet and is represented by a long string of letters and numbers.

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It’s referred to as a Bitcoin address.
A Bitcoin address identifies the sender or receiver of a Bitcoin transaction. If you want to transfer bitcoins to a friend, you can send them from your Bitcoin address to your friend’s Bitcoin address, just like a text.
However, most blockchain experts advise that you create a new Bitcoin address each time you submit or receive a payment. This personal security measure makes it more difficult for anyone to track where your Bitcoin funds originate and end up.
Your private key, which is basically your Bitcoin password, is also stored in Bitcoin wallets.
Any time you make an invoice or receive a Bitcoin payment request, the program will generate a new Bitcoin address for you.
Although mobile wallets are the easiest to use, your wallet provider can store your key on its app or on your phone, which means that if someone knows your phone’s passcode and gains access to it, they can easily send all of your funds to one of their Bitcoin addresses.

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You only have one deposit address per wallet for each cryptocurrency at first. You must first use the address in order to generate additional deposit addresses and thereby make your transactions less traceable.
Keep in mind that various minimum deposit amounts apply. Keep in mind that if you go below this amount, your deposit will be lost. Please keep in mind that this is irreversible. Caution! Sending all other cryptocurrencies or properties to a deposit address would result in them being lost. Please also read the notices for each cryptocurrency listed below.
You may also choose whether to use Memo ID or Memo Text for withdrawals. If you’re transferring to another service (such as an exchange), make sure to verify which memo form the receiver requires and include it in your transaction.
Make sure that you only deposit or withdraw sums that are greater than the minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts plus the network charge, as with all other cryptocurrency deposits. Otherwise, your coins will be lost and the balance will not be credited to your account.

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