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IBM software engineer Billy Markus of Portland, Oregon, and Adobe software engineer Jackson Palmer co-founded Dogecoin with the aim of creating a peer-to-peer digital currency that could appeal to a wider audience than Bitcoin. They also decided to separate it from the contentious tradition of other coins. [nine] Dogecoin was formally released on December 6, 2013, and over a million people visited in the first 30 days. [nine]
Palmer was a member of the Adobe Systems Marketing Department in Sydney at the time, and he is credited with bringing the concept to life.
[nine] Palmer had bought the domain and added a splash screen with the coin’s logo and Comic Sans text strewn about. After seeing the site, Markus contacted Palmer and began working on developing the currency. Markus based Dogecoin’s protocol on established cryptocurrencies such as Luckycoin and Litecoin[12], both of which use scrypt technology in their proof-of-work algorithms. (#13) Miners must use dedicated FPGA and ASIC machines for mining due to the use of scrypt, which are considered to be more difficult to manufacture than SHA-256 bitcoin mining equipment. (#14) (15)

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22nd of June, 2014. Jackson Palmer, a self-described “ordinary nerd,” is in the stands at the Sonoma Raceway in California for a Nascar event. He’s a young Australian man in his twenties. He is completely uninterested in cycling. He never imagined it would come to this in his wildest dreams. He takes a look around. There was a huge crowd below him. The deafening rumble of engines. The #98 Moonrocket, a high-performance race car, is whizzing around at incredible speeds. Except for one important detail, it was identical to the other cars on the track. A dog sits on the car’s hood. A Shiba Inu, also known as a “Shibe,” is a dog that became popular in 2013 thanks to the Doge meme. The word “DOGECOIN” in all caps is emblazoned on the end. “Digital currency” is listed below. Palmer uses terms like “wild,” “surreal,” and “nuts” to explain the situation. This experience served as a “reality check” for him. Dogecoin began as a tweet, then evolved into a cryptocurrency with real-world value. Six months later, he watched as a joke he’d cracked in passing manifested into something tangible. A full-fledged Dogecar. Palmer was reminded of how crazy the world could be. This is the tale of Dogecoin, the internet joke that became all too true. In all its beauty, the Dogecar.

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Doge (/dod/ DOHJ, /do/ DOHG, /do/ DOHZH[1]) is a popular Internet meme that started in 2013. A image of a Shiba Inu dog with multicolored text in Comic Sans font in the foreground is typical of the meme. The text, which serves as an internal monologue, is purposefully written in a broken English style.
Doge often employs two-word phrases in which the first word is almost always one of five modifiers (“so”, “such”, “many”, “much”, and “very”), with the departure from correct English occurring when the modifier is applied to a word that it cannot properly alter.
[2] For instance, “Much admiration. The doge version would be “Much noble, so honor.” since the modifiers are used in a formally acceptable manner; the doge version would be “Much noble, so respect.”” [2] In addition to these words, a doge utterance often concludes with a single word, the most common of which is “wow,” but “amaze” and “excite” are also common. [2] Many variants and spin-offs have been developed since the meme’s inception, including “liquified Doge,”[3][4] a variant in which the dog’s form is morphed into other species, and “ironic Doge,”[3] a version in which the Doge character is placed in ironic and uncharacteristic circumstances. The ironic Doge memes have spawned a slew of other characters, most of whom are dogs. One of them is Cheems, a Shiba Inu with a speech impediment that causes it to repeat the letter “M” throughout its speech. [5] Another often appearing sarcastic Doge character is Walter, a bull terrier who is usually depicted as loving “moster cars” [sic] and firetrucks. The majority of these memes can be found on subreddits including r/dogelore. [6] “Swole Doge vs. Cheems,” a meme in which a muscular Doge and a baby Cheems are portrayed as something deemed better in the past and its current iteration, respectively, became common in 2020. [nine] [eight]

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