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We bring you the best how to pin a post reddit online

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It’s very easy to be barred from Reddit. If you post too many links or violate the rules in a subreddit, you’ll almost certainly be barred from that subreddit, if not the entire web. This is how Reddit combats the onslaught of spammers and overzealous advertisers that plague the site.
1. Subreddit Ban – A moderator of a subreddit will ban you from that subreddit. A subreddit ban may be temporary or permanent. When you are banned from a subreddit, you will receive a private message informing you of the length of the ban and, if applicable, the reason for the ban. Once you’ve been suspended from a subreddit, you won’t be allowed to post or comment on that subreddit again.
2. Subreddit AutoModerator Ban – The “AutoModerator” bot can also prevent you from posting or commenting on a subreddit. Moderators use AutoModerator, a Reddit bot, to execute tasks on their behalf. AutoModerator has the power to delete any posts or comments made by a single person. So, if AutoModerator has blocked you, you will still be able to upload posts and comments, but they will be deleted from the subreddit immediately.

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Digg, which launched in late 2004, popularized this form of voting system. Soon after, in 2005, Reddit appeared, and the two became rivals. But it is the culture that really distinguishes Reddit today. The quality of content that is respected, the dialogue that surrounds it, and the care with which users vet and build on important topics are unrivaled. As a result, the front page is normally filled with items that will make you think, laugh out loud, and inspire you to learn more.
That’s fine. Just go there and spend some time. At the very least, visit the web once a day — more if you just want to see how content changes. Not only can you look at the outbound connections, but you should also look at the comment threads to see what people are talking about.
Reddit is a very self-referential site. If you see anything that doesn’t make sense, it’s most likely referencing Reddit culture (a previous article, a meme, or anything else that’s common on the site). In certain cases, the reference point can be found in the comments. Other users who are looking for clarity will upvote commenters who provide it, pushing the importance to the top of the thread.

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Along with the new look, Reddit has added a number of new features. And discovering new features entails figuring out where it is and what they do. So, if you’re feeling a little lost in the new Reddit, don’t worry; we’re here to help you navigate the new site.
The old site had been abandoned in several respects. Indeed, not much has changed in the last decade until the redesign in April 2018. The site was no longer fit for its intended purpose, neither for users (as a social medium) nor for the business (as a data-collecting money maker).
The ease-of-use principle underpins the entire redesign. The previous Reddit gui was a minefield for new users. We decided to write an article recommending the best Reddit applications and pages for newcomers because of the difficulty. The latest Reddit is a lot more user-friendly.
Reddit’s links are now shown in two separate fonts. These allow users to tell whether a connection is internal or external to Reddit. Snoo, the Reddit mascot, has also been updated. It’s made in three dimensions and can be seen jumping between planets.

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Instagram began the official release of its pinned comment feature on Tuesday, which it had been testing since May. The feature allows any user to pin three comments from a post to the top of a thread, allowing the post’s author to better monitor the tone of the comment thread by highlighting positive responses and moderating more negative and abusive responses that appear below the pinned comments.
The original test was timed to coincide with Instagram’s release of a tool for bulk comment deletion, which has been available for two months. Simply swipe left to show the options for reporting, deleting, and replying to a comment. You can now see a pushpin icon on the far left of those three choices.
Instagram has spent the last few years working to strengthen its tools for countering harassment, bullying, and disinformation, and under current CEO Adam Mosseri, those efforts have gotten even stronger. Instagram’s comment management, in particular, has vastly improved. Artificial intelligence is also used by the company to automatically block offensive comments, as well as to alert users before they upload potentially offensive or damaging captions. Although pinned comments might not be as successful as some of the platform’s earlier and more critical additions, they can still help famous developers, celebrities, and businesses better manage their Instagram profiles.

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