How to say criminal in spanish

How to say criminal in spanish

How to pronounce criminal

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How to say ‘criminal’ in spanish?

Since the story is set primarily in the Colombian city of Medellin, the majority of the characters speak a dialect of Spanish that is unique to the region. This includes a liberal sprinkling of parlache, a form of slang that emerged in Medellin’s criminal underworld before slowly making its way into the mainstream.
Unfortunately, no such help is available in real-life interactions with paisas (as residents of Medellin and the surrounding area are known), so you may find it difficult to understand this Spanish outside of the background of watching online episodes.
A term with a number of meanings, but it is most often used in the context of ‘Narcos’ when referring to someone who is extremely talented or capable. “Usted es un berraco!” means “you are a legend!” in Spanish.
A widely used word that can mean something along the lines of “yes,” “Well,” “ok,” “right,” and so on. To put it simply, an affirmative answer to something or a sign that you’ve comprehended it. Whereas in Spain, “vale” will be used for these purposes, in Colombia, “listo” is much more probable.

Criminal justice 101 – spanish

The Spanish Constitutional Court (hereinafter, TC) rejected an appeal by more than fifty Socialist Members of Parliament to have a bill passed by the Conservative Party in 2014 struck down. In effect, the aforementioned bill repealed a 1985 law that established one of the world’s broadest universal jurisdiction systems for criminal matters. With well-publicized lawsuits against former presidents Pinochet and Jiang Zemin, as well as top Israeli government leaders, Spain had been at the center of human rights litigation. Needless to say, such cases have given the Spanish government a few diplomatic headaches over the years. However, a former minister of justice acknowledged that there had only been one conviction based on universal jurisdiction laws in the previous twenty years.
A 2009 agreement between Socialists and Conservatives resulted in the first amendment to limit the extraterritorial authority of Spanish criminal courts. After 2009, the accused had to be found in Spain, the victim had to be Spanish, or there had to be some other specific link with the forum, contrary to the original law of 1985. As a result, the above-mentioned 2014 law gave authority to a greater number of crimes committed outside of Spain, but found it almost impossible to prosecute if the crime was unrelated to Spain.

How to say criminals

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