How to say mcdonalds in chinese

How to say mcdonalds in chinese

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McDonald’s China recently introduced a new burger that has some criticizing the fast-food giant’s taste. The limited-edition burger consists of a sandwich with two slices of Spam, mayo, and Oreo crumbs on top.
As the promotion flyer shows, this will be an official collaboration with the Spam brand, and although the pairing could seem dubious at first glance, it could actually be very tasty. A limited run of around 400,000 Spam-Oreo Burgers will be available in China starting December 21 for a price of 13.14 RMB (approximately $2 USD) each.

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McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE: MCD) is the world’s largest fast food restaurant chain, with approximately 68 million customers served daily in 119 countries.
1st McDonald’s began as a restaurant in San Bernardino, California, in 1940. McDonald’s became a multinational company in 1967, when it opened a branch in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, after spreading throughout the United States. McDonald’s restaurants could be found on five of the world’s seven continents by the end of the 1970s, with an African branch opening in Casablanca, Morocco, in 1992.

How to say mcdonald’s in chinese?

Many McDonald’s restaurants now have touchscreen menus where you can order your lunch. You could possibly get away with only videos, but what fun would that be? Every time you visit a store, you have the opportunity to practice and develop your Chinese. If you do plan to use the touchscreen, see if you can remember the characters on the menu before placing your order.
If you want ketchup in China, you must ask for it. You’ll need to know how many ketchup packets you’d like. I’ve forgotten to ask for enough ketchup too many times, and I’ve run out of it before I’ve finished my fries! You can ask something like this:
Personally, I believe that McDonald’s in China is the best in the world. The cost is less than in the United States (or Europe), and the quality is outstanding. That’s right, I believe the taste of McDonald’s in China is actually better. Perhaps it has something to do with the small number of food choices available in the United States, or perhaps it is simply superior. You’re now going to enjoy ordering a hamburger in Chinese.

Mcdonald’s in china

“I can get a nice fleet of computers if I spend $10 million in computers. However, it’s more difficult to assess what you’re getting with change management. So, what exactly is measured? That is extremely important. We can’t talk about it until you measure.“
“We’re also sending a vital message with the system itself: Hey, you know what, from management, we’re listening to your concerns. That’s a good starting point for ensuring that our employees know we care and are listening. Constantly.” This is consistent with McDonald’s personnel policies.
Change management is a nebulous concept that is difficult to grasp. “In some ways, this device is a stepping stone for us. Until now, it had been difficult to instill a sense of transformation during team huddles, team roadshows, and so on,” Philip explains.
“We’ve used it as an introduction ever since we built it, saying things like, ‘hey, have you seen the gadget by the exit door?’ We discuss the intent, how we use the data collected, and remind them about privacy, among other things.”

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