How to say shut up in dutch

How to say shut up in dutch

How to say “shut up!” in 30 different languages

The Black Eyed Peas’ song “Shut Up” is a hit in the United States. Elephunk’s second studio album, Elephunk, featured the song as the second single (2003). The refrain is “Shut up, just shut up, shut up,” and the song is about a disastrous courtship.
After “Where Is the Love?” in late 2003, “Shut Up” was released as the album’s second single. The single was not released in the United States, but it quickly became a worldwide hit, leading the charts in Australia, New Zealand, and 12 other European countries. It was Europe’s second-best-selling single in 2004.
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Fergie was brought in by because he wanted a female singer for the album. In 2003, she joined the group as the fourth member, assisting on most of the songs on Elephunk. Their girlfriends’ phone calls would disrupt the session when,, and Taboo were working on the album. “The vibe was blown,” Will said, and Taboo added, “So we turned the negative into positive” by incorporating their issues into the song they were writing. From December 30, 2001, to February 12, 2002, “Shut Up” was recorded at The Stewchia in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. 1st

“shut up malfoy” in different languages

This use of the active voice, on the other hand, strikes me as odd. While I’d probably still consider it an odd word choice, another example using the passive voice from Oxford sounds much more idiomatic:
The example of shut-up provided in the query (in the context of an interjectory order for “Silence!”) is not directly equivalent to schtum when used as an imperative. Its definition is more akin to “not saying something” in the sense of not disclosing details.
The word mute can also be used as a verb. It usually means to deaden rather than absolutely silence a sound (“the Japanese answer was muted”), but since almost every remote control on the planet has a mute button that silences all sound, it can also be used to mean “to silence.”
Similarly, people use the term quiet to describe themselves or someone else who has been silent for a period of time. “I quieted,” they might say. It’s grammatically right, but it’s clumsy; I’d say “I quieted down” instead. Quiet is an adjective in this sense, but I’m guessing that depending on the context, this Dutch word, zwijgen, will be translated as such because it is more common.

How to say shut up in arabic?

Allow me to catch you up! So, Spanish and I have an on-again, off-again relationship, and we were on-again back then. But, guess what? We’re back in the on-again, off-again process. (And no, it has nothing to do with the fact that I failed my Spanish translation exam.) You have no right to suggest anything else!)
Oh, and I began my internship at Ghent University in a research community. Translating files, post-editing reports, and other responsibilities are part of my job description. I’m content there because it helps me to develop my relationship with English, my one and only true love. To be frank… I’m still learning French as a hobby, but that’s beside the point. Let’s get back to the internship. I’m actually interning from home due to It Which Must Not Be Called. The government refers to it as “teleworking,” which is just a fancy way of saying “sitting in your bed, staring at a laptop screen, typing away without making eye contact.” Honestly, I’m in desperate need of a pick-me-up.
And it’s here that Nasir Fleming, our very handsome and astute editor-in-chief, comes into play. He suggested that I write an article about “5 Dutch Words You Should Know,” and here I am, a few hours later, writing an article about important Dutch words.

How to say shut up in swedish

“O maar ja, het is allemaal heel ingewikkeld; we hebben al heel veel domme dingen gedaan in de Raad, dus nu moet u echt uw mond houden,” says President Barroso to us. is a website dedicated to the European Parliament.
The Council and Parliament adopted a directive a few years ago to phase out cages for holding chickens, but pigs continue to live in deplorable conditions, confined to small spaces and often tethered with rope or chains.
De Raad en het Europees Parlement hebben een richtlijn uitgevaardigd voor kippen om kooien geleidelijk af te schaffen, maar varkens moeten nog steeds onaanvaardbare omstandigheden leven: opgesloten in piepkleine ruimtes
We must consider the thousands of families that have already made contact with them and would love to be able to show them affection if we are to prevent those children from spending their adolescence and youth on the streets of our cities or in institutions. is a website dedicated to the European Parliament.

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