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Undertale, which was released in 2015, is still considered one of the best indie games in recent memory. Exploring the hidden world of monsters and deciding whether to befriend them or use violence to get what you want was the focus of this fun and awesome RPG. The game also paid homage to a number of classics, including Earthbound, and it, like those older games, contains a range of secrets.
Undertale is popular for its secrets, as there are a staggering number of them spread through the numerous PC and console versions of the game. Let’s take a peek at some Undertale mysteries you may not have heard about, from hidden villages to enigmatic scientists to ominous followers.
Hayley Mullen updated this page on February 3rd, 2021: A game like Undertale has a lot of secrets, so a simple list of ten won’t suffice. Since its release, fans have discovered more and more about the instant classic, including Easter eggs such as unusual phone calls and unique dialogue related to things that most players would never experience during their playthroughs. Let’s take a look at some things you may not know about Undertale while you’re waiting for Deltarune to arrive.

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This manual will assist you in your efforts to become a pacifist.
Pacifist to the heart! (*Note*: This is a work in progress since I’m doing a Pacifist run on my YouTube channel, and I’ll update this guide when I upload another episode dedicated to boss sparring.) Also, the information in this guide is based on the Undertale Wiki[] and the videos are from my YouTube channel. For each segment, the setup is the same.)
Here’s how you can spare Toriel in an interesting way: Please don’t hurt her. * Even if the “spare” text color is not yellow, one Froggit warns the protagonist that they may have to try to spare anyone several times (or whatever color the protagonist has chosen, if they changed it). * Sparing her has the same result as missing assaults. Toriel eventually comes to a halt and begins to talk. The choice to “Flee” is no longer available. She would encourage the protagonist to leave the Ruins if the protagonist manages to save her. She walks back down the hallway, hugging the protagonist and requesting that he never return. The protagonist will be near the patch of golden flowers at the very start of the ruins if she returns to the beginning of the game before leaving the Ruins.

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Frisk is the main protagonist and player character in Undertale. They set out on a quest to return to the surface after Frisk sinks into the Underground. After flying to Mt. Ebott, Frisk is the last of the eight humans to fall into the Underground. Frisk is not the “fallen human” who was introduced at the start of the game. Only the True Pacifist Route reveals Frisk’s name.
Flowey is the protagonist of Undertale’s first main character encounter. Flowey is the main antagonist for the majority of the game, especially the Neutral and True Pacifist routes, and a deuteragonist for the Genocide Path. He reveals his theory of “KILL or BE KILLED” by exchanging “friendliness pellets,” which are actually dangerous bullets, as an introduction to the mechanics of encounters.
Toriel is a Boss Monster with a head that looks like a white-furred Nubian goat, with droopy ears and short horns. Her irises are a dark red shade, and she has a pair of visible fangs and long eyelashes. Her arms end in paws, and she has an anthropomorphic body. She is dressed in a long purple robe with the Delta Rune on her chest. Toriel is often seen wearing reading glasses, most recently in her home while reading a book about snail facts.

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