How you doin meme

How you doin meme

Joey – hey, how you doin?

You should skip the navigation! Episodes of TV Shows “How YOU Doin’?” Has A Surprisingly High Success Rate Golembewski, Vanessa NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images/Andrew Eccles . When you think of Joey Tribbiani, you typically think of Days of Our Lives, a strong desire for sandwiches, and the expression “How YOU doin’?” It’s a line that encapsulates everything we know about the Friends character, a guy who is so confident in his appearance and general attractiveness that he can seldom pass up the chance to approach a beautiful woman.
It’s funny because “how YOU doin'” is probably Joey’s most popular quote, but he didn’t say it very much. He said it fewer than 20 times in 236 episodes over ten seasons. He didn’t say anything about it until halfway through season 4. Nonetheless, the point is that he’s said it his whole adult life. So, how much did the term actually serve as a pickup line, for something that is supposed to be so tried and true? This is the outcome of our investigation.
Nine of the 19 “how YOU doin'” lines were successful. That means he just got anywhere 47.36 percent of the time using his popular expression. Given how much publicity it receives, that’s a terrible pace. Further thoughts on Joey’s remark: – 100% success rate in a mirror when sent to Joey – 0% success rate in his own apartment – 100% success rate in alternate universes – When shipped in a box of other Joey words, it’s more likely to succeed. public service announcement Here’s what we came up with. “The One With Rachel’s Crush” (Season 4) Rachel is stumped as to how to ask Josh-wa out, so Joey shares his tried-and-true method for wooing a woman. He said that all he did was look a woman in the eyes and say, “Hey, how you doing?” Rachel and Phoebe are suspicious, but she can’t help but smile and giggle when he tries it on her.

Joey tribbiani – how you doin’? – sound effect

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Joey – how you doin’??


Joey tribbiani – how you doin

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Hey, how you doing? (original vine)

Joey’s friends also use this amusing pick-up line when he sees a woman he wants.

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Joey notices a beautiful woman walking by him. Joey: *sees a woman he likes* approaches her and asks, “How are you doing?” HabDan’s Contribution 3rd of January, 200930189
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How are you doing? a mug for your pal José is the name of a character in a 5 What’s new with you? (exp.) 1. A greeting, an answer to itself, a question of welfare, a response to FOGEDDABODDIT!, and a response to YOU TALKIN’ TA ME? that originated in New York. “Howdy. “How are you?” “How are you?” Razukin’s “FOGEDDABODDIT!” 1st of December, 2002152157
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How are you doing? mug for your canine Paul is a good friend of mine. 6 How are you doing?! Wendy Williams, a radio DJ and television host, invented the term. How You Doin?! is not just the show’s greeting, but also when something or someone is extremely gay. Jordan is a country in the Middle East Hey, honey, what’s up sweetness?! *Very feminine and flamboyant*:
Get a How are you doing?!? a mug for your boyfriend Vivek’s name is Vivek. 7 What’s new with you? “How are you doing?” is a mangled version of “How are you doing?” In popular culture, the stereotypical mobster uses this term. Heard in a plethora of films, TV shows, advertisements, and other media. True mobsters, Americans of Italian origin living in New York or New Jersey (and elsewhere), or retards who want to sound tough are the most common users in real life. (As he steps into the Bada Bing!) Tony Soprano: (to his crew!) “How are you?” Baggadonuts by Joey Baggadonuts 150200 on July 28, 2006

How you doin’ the best pickup line ever! // friends

How are you doing is a condensed version of the more formal greeting how are you doing.

How you doin?

The salutation first appears in print in the 1940s and spreads in the 1970s, though it was almost certainly used in everyday speech before that. How you doing was a common phrase among New Yorkers of Italian descent in the late twentieth century, and it was pronounced more like how YOO dooin. Italian-American accents are typified by long U sounds and a lowered final G. With this connection, How you doin’ might connote a threatening, confrontational tone akin to that of a mobster, another stereotype of Italian-Americans.
When Italian-American character Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) used it in a January 1998 episode of Friends, “The One with Rachel’s Crush,” it became a funny pickup line. Joey instructs his friend Rachel on how to confidently ask a man she likes out by looking him in the eyes, smiling, and saying, “How YOU doin’?” with a focus on the middle letter. Rachel is suspicious of Joey’s scheme, but she is persuaded after Joey successfully demonstrates the pickup line on another character. The pickup line reappears as a recurring joke for the remainder of Friends’ run on television.

Friends – how you doin’ ( joey )

Friends’ characters and one-liners were part of pop culture, and one of the most well-known was Joey’s “how you doin’?” despite the fact that he used it later than most audiences believe. Friends premiered on NBC in 1994 and ended in 2004 after 10 good seasons and a lot of ups and downs in the lives of its main characters. It was created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman. Friends is still known as one of the greatest television shows of all time, and its fan base has expanded as a result of its time on Netflix.
Friends followed a group of six young adults living in New York City who were attempting to balance their social, professional, and personal lives, which often collided. Joey’s “how you doin’?” catchphrase, which he used whenever he decided to start a conversation with a woman he was drawn to, became so common that even those who have never watched Friends know where it comes from. “How you doing?” wasn’t always successful, but it had a huge influence on the audience, even if he didn’t use it as much as many people believe.

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