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A three-month-pregnant woman goes into a deep coma. She awakens 6 months later and inquires about her baby with the doctor. Medico You have children, a boy and a girl, who are both well. Fortunately, your brother chose a name for you. Female Oh, a three-month-pregnant woman falls into a coma. She awakens 6 months later and inquires about her baby with the doctor. Medico You have children, a boy and a girl, who are both well. Fortunately, your brother chose a name for you. Female r/cursedcomments oh r/cursedcomments oh r/ u/tapinn98 made this article. i.redd.it 4h Straw of Doom You’re using her body as a straw to suck your own cock if you kiss her during anal. 105 words Q6 Share the r/GameTheorists Award u/phoenixofstorm made this article. 5h An intriguing concept

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Perhaps I’m being a little too pessimistic. Memes are fantastic! Nothing brings people together like a great meme. They’re (mostly) funny and intended to be shared, laughed at, and enjoyed together, whether it’s with friends, family, coworkers, or strangers on the internet.
And in 2019, there were a lot of fantastic videos, images, words, and models that were widely shared on social media, in text messages, and in person. So, before the year comes to a close and a new decade of memes begins, we’ve compiled a list of 50 of the year’s best. Some you may recall, others you may have never seen, and still others you may be unsure about, in which case we will do our best to clarify. We didn’t bother ranking them because all memes are subjective (and no one is ever satisfied), so just know that Baby Yoda is number one.
This summer, hard seltzer had its moment, but White Claw was the true winner, catapulting itself to meme status thanks to the frat bros who loved it. When it came to drinking paws, there were #NoLaws, and the company was so unprepared for virality that it finally ran out in September.

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We’ve assembled a list of some of our favorite relationship memes, along with some advice (take it or leave it, tbh) if you want these memes to be less personally relatable in the future.
From time to time, we all behave and respond irrationally. It’s normal for us to be emotional. But it is also our miraculous capacity to look back on those events or conversations and deconstruct them from a calm and logical standpoint that distinguishes us as humans. The more realistic perspective could then show that we were, in reality, being a jerk in the situation or conversation.
It can be awkward and inconvenient to admit fault and apologize, but it is necessary when it comes to sustaining a relationship that is meaningful to you. When you notice resistance in your body (perhaps due to pride or a desire to “save face”), consider what acting in accordance with that feeling means for your relationship. Normally, nothing positive happens.
Many of us are prone to feeling insecure and unsure about our partners’ feelings toward us (especially in the early stages of a relationship). We may develop a fear of being without them because they mean so much to us. If left unchecked, this apprehension can turn into anxiety, causing us to become hyper-vigilant and always on the lookout for signs that our partner is no longer interested in us. We do this in a futile effort to keep ourselves safe, but it ultimately prevents us from experiencing the true joys of life because we are constantly on the lookout for impending rejection.

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“Charlie bit my finger – again!” [1], also known as “Charlie Bit My Finger” or “Charlie Bit Me,” is a 2007 internet viral video best known for being the most watched YouTube video at the time.

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[three] The video has gained over 878 million views as of December 2020.
Harry Davies-Carr (aged three) and Charlie Davies-Carr (aged one) are two brothers from the United Kingdom who star in the 56-second video[4] that was uploaded to YouTube in May 2007,[5]. When Harry puts his finger into Charlie’s mouth and is bitten, the two are seen sitting in a chair. “Charlie bit me,” he observes as he re-inserts his finger into Charlie’s mouth, intensifying the bite. Harry, who is in pain, constantly says “Ouch,” and his brother starts to laugh. After that, Harry smiles and says it again “I was bitten by Charlie. And it hurt a lot.” [two]
The video was “just an effort to catch the boys growing up,” according to Howard Davies-Carr, the boys’ father. “It didn’t especially stand out” as he watched the finger-biting scene on his camera after filming it. He didn’t realize the video was funny until he moved it to his computer and watched it again a few weeks later. [nine]

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