I hate paying bills

I hate paying bills

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Do you know how it feels to open your mailbox and immediately realize it’s stuffed with bills? Bills that make you feel frightened. Perhaps that is an out-of-date example. What if you opened your inbox on the first of the month to find a long list of companies vying for your money? Isn’t it awful? Bills are the very worst! But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s possible to stop hating bills and start appreciating the stuff you buy with your money.
You’re doing it wrong if the dread you feel when opening your credit card receipt outweighs the pleasure you get from swiping. It is, however, repairable. You must alter your mindset and become more conscious of your spending habits.
Here, we’re not aiming for perfection. We’re talking about small steps in the right direction to help you get rid of the fear you get when you see your bills. As I previously stated, it’s all about making thoughtful purchases, so how do you go about following that rule? I’ve got a couple of ideas that have worked for me…

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It’s Not Just the Big Ticket Items That Put You in Debt.

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I despise having to pay bills. It’s not that I don’t have the funds to pay them; rather, I have a negative physical reaction to handing over my hard-earned cash. For as long as I can recall, I’ve been this way. The same is true if I’m going to the supermarket to make a big purchase. Most of my recurring bills are on the higher end of the scale, say $20 and up a month. I know some of you are shaking your heads, but believe me when I say this is a real thing for me!

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No, I suppose hating paying bills is a fairly normal phenomenon… I used to pull out a stack of bills, sort them by date, cross-reference them by bill amount to find out which ones I could afford to pay, and then just throw up my hands and start writing checks by hand, of course. That was back in the days before QuickBooks.
Tipalti logo is a logo designed by Tipalti. Then QuickBooks appeared, and I imagined the problems it would solve: simply enter your bills, the vendor’s bill dates, due dates, and the sum due, and let QuickBooks tell you when and what to pay; heck, it would even print the checks. Now that we all know that this bell-and-whistle has been applied to QuickBooks Bill-pay, can you really do it all in QuickBooks without a lot of effort if you have a busy business? Not at all!
Well, I told you about an A/P solution called Tipalti that streamlines the complete end-to-end accounts payable workflow and integrates directly with QuickBooks Online more than a year ago, but since my good friend Liz Scott has an upcoming webinar on this great solution, I wanted to highlight just some of what Tipalti can do to make your Bill Pay easier as well. It’s fantastic!

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If you’re on a tight budget, picturing all that money leaving your bank account each month could make you nervous. You may be concerned that there will be insufficient funds to cover your child’s latest extracurricular activity or even the week’s grocery shopping.
Perhaps you have enough money to pay your bills but wish you didn’t have to give up so much of your hard-earned money each month. When you add up your monthly costs for rent/mortgage, insurance, utilities, water, WiFi, cable, and any loan payments, it can be depressing to see how much you have to pay.
Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make your monthly bills bearable. Continue reading for our best advice on slashing your expenses and lowering your monthly bill tension. Heck, you might even be proud of yourself when you get the next bill in the mail if you follow these tips!
If you’re having trouble paying your bills each month, creating an additional (or multiple additional) income stream is a no-brainer. Even if you are financially secure, it is prudent to provide a secondary source of income in case of unexpected circumstances.

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