Ibm energy and utilities

Ibm energy and utilities

Ibm energy and utilities: utilising the power of cognitive

Via powerful analytics and AI, Asset Performance Management (APM) improves the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) base. APM offers insights at the point of action to reduce the risk of equipment failure, improve asset availability, lower costs, and reduce unplanned maintenance work. APM offers a holistic view of the organizational assets by integrating diverse data sources, such as EAM systems of record and IoT data.
For energy and utility firms, IBM® Maximo® APM for Energy & Utilities is an open analytics platform. The solution offers a 360-degree view of interconnected assets and assists you in making the best decisions possible based on the most up-to-date details. Asset replacement, repair, and performance are all optimized as a result of this.
Certus Solutions helps utilities and energy firms in New Zealand and Australia adopt IBM Maximo APM faster and reap the benefits of process optimisation and automation.
Hi, everybody! My name is Roy Lorenzen, and I’m the Solutions Manager at Certus. I’ve put together some tools to help you learn more about IBM Maximo APM for Energy & Utilities and how the platform can help you make better decisions and improve the efficiency of your properties.

Richard michos, ibm: trends in the energy & utilities industry

It is used by IBM to assist utility and energy companies in better understanding the condition of vegetation along utility lines in order to reduce the likelihood of electricity outages and increase overall grid reliability. According to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, vegetation is the leading cause of power outages, posing a significant challenge to the grid. 1st
The IBM Vegetation Management Platform, which is part of the IBM Weather Operations Center, will receive very high-resolution 50cm satellite imagery from Airbus. This cutting-edge technology easily crunches vast quantities of geospatial (satellite, aircraft, aerial, and LIDAR) data, as well as IoT sensor and weather data, to provide a time-lapse view of the condition of vegetation across utility service territories.
Pléiades 50cm satellite imagery reveals vegetation information, allowing AI to distinguish tree canopies and then classify, segment, and estimate their height. Eventually, power companies would be able to target trimming activities proactively and effectively to help pinpoint vegetation that is most likely to cause power outages or trigger wildfires.

Cognitive technology for the energy and utilities industry

IBM Maximo APM for Energy & Utilities is an open analytics solution that can be customized to a number of current and future requirements. It provides a comprehensive, accurate understanding of historical and current asset and network performance through data integration, analytics, and visualization.
It works with existing data sources and organizational processes to evaluate and forecast asset performance and risk, assisting in the delivery of stable, dependable, affordable, and renewable energy. Asset performance management, situational awareness, health and risk, investment planning, communication model verification, and wind farm optimization are some of the main applications.

Ibm global energy and utility solution center

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