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The researchers claim that when the Earth’s orbit around the sun is just right, Antarctic icebergs tend to melt further and further away from Antarctica, causing massive amounts of freshwater to flow into the Atlantic Ocean rather than the Southern Ocean.
Large-scale ocean circulation patterns begin to drastically shift as the Southern Ocean becomes saltier and the North Atlantic becomes fresher, drawing CO2 out of the atmosphere and reducing the so-called greenhouse effect.
Scientists used a variety of methods to reconstruct past climate conditions as part of their research, including finding tiny pieces of Antarctic rock dropped in the open ocean by melting icebergs.
The rock fragments were retrieved from sediments recovered by IODP Expedition 361, representing over 1.6 million years of history and one of the most extensive records of Antarctic icebergs ever produced.
The chemistry of tiny deep-sea fossils called foraminifera revealed that these deposits, known as Ice-Rafted Debris, tended to regularly contribute to changes in deep ocean circulation, according to the report.

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Mike Jones and his business partner Ray “Mello” Moore created and operate Ice Age Entertainment, a record label. In 2001, the record label was established. Swishahouse signed Mike Jones, and the label signed a contract with Asylum Records in 2004 to produce and distribute the label’s potential releases. Houston and Atlanta are the two cities where the record label is located. Mike Jones’ one-million-dollar “ICE AGE” pendant, which pays homage to the label, is at the top of the list of most expensive music-inspired jewelry. 1st

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During the Ice Age,

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The magnificent and magnificent glaciers of the Northern Hemisphere, like the sparkling diamonds that resemble these icy structures, were created over millions of years. Ruchi was fascinated by the arctic’s remote, untouched beauty, which inspired her Ice Age collection. Ruchi set exceptional quality diamonds in sleek and elegant styles, inspired by the purity of glacial formations. In each atmosphere, there is barely a trace of metal visible, allowing the stones to shine with their natural beauty.

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Mike Jones has emerged as a new man with the release of his album The Voice at the end of the month. You can see Mike’s significant weight loss — 100 pounds to be precise — but you may or may not have noticed that his massive, jewel-encrusted chain and Ice Age pendant are missing from his waist. The explanation for this is that it was taken.
The Houston rapper revealed that his missing chain was not taken when he was out on the streets. Surprisingly, it was taken from right under his nose, as he was sleeping, in his own house.
With a disappointed expression on his face, Mike explained, “[It was] grew up homies, like partners I grew up with.” “It wasn’t like anyone approached me and said, ‘Give it to me.’ I’m in my house sleeping, and when I wake up, it’s gone — inside my house.
“I live in a penthouse, and you can’t just walk in like that.” At the bottom, I got security. You can’t just walk in and ask to be put on my floor. There are people who have already been granted access to my bed. Mike continued, “I think they waited until I fell asleep, because when I awoke, it was gone.”

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