If i were you soundcloud reviews

If i were you soundcloud reviews

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If I Were You is a comedy advice podcast produced and hosted by Jake and Amir, an American comedy duo best known for their work with CollegeHumor and their web series Jake and Amir. The show, which debuted on May 13, 2013, features the duo’s humorous advice for listeners who have submitted questions via email, and new episodes are released every Monday (with occasional bonus Thursday episodes).
Each episode of If I Were You typically starts and ends with a listener-created theme song. The show’s format consists of hosts Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld reading out questions emailed to them by viewers with problems—or, in some episodes, playing audio questions—every episode; normally three or four questions per episode. They give the listener a nickname (often amusing or based on a common fictional character) and talk about the issue, often brainstorming solutions and improvising comedic scenarios, before coming to a conclusion about what the individual should do.
If I Were You is “a typical example of a comedy podcast” and “amiable enough,” according to Miranda Sawyer of The Guardian, but it contains “way too much laughter,” adding, “If I wanted stream-of-consciousness waffle with the occasional funny line, I’d listen to [my small children].”

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SoundCloud is fantastic, but there are many playlist bugs that need to be addressed. Trying to rearrange the songs in your own playlists is a pain; it sometimes takes several attempts to get a song to switch permanently and it often reverts back to where it was immediately after you moved it. I still have to close and reopen the open to make sure my songs have moved to the correct place. Also, unless you open up and go into the playlist, the icons you may upload for your playlist cover never seem to update. On the desktop, this doesn’t seem to be a problem, but on phones, my set display cover is never what I choose; it’s typically the same image as the first song in the playlist. This irritates me because if I want people to check out my playlists, the show image is the first thing they see, and I’d rather they see the one I choose than a photo from someone else’s track! Finally, please include the ability to pass your playlists around. I have playlists from months ago that are at the bottom of my profile, and I’d like to have some of them at the top when you view it. I sincerely hope you will take suggestions for resolving these issues. Otherwise, it’s a fantastic tool, and I’ll continue to use it.

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I spend the bulk of my time listening to Soundcloud, but something strange happened today. I was loading up Soundcloud as usual, and it informed me that some of my favorite songs were only available in preview, while others were reportedly ‘not available.’ They were working great the day before yesterday, and some didn’t even need a preview. I’m hoping you can fix this because Soundcloud is my go-to music app because it’s so easy.
This has never happened before, but the most recent iterations of this software have made SoundCloud very challenging.
The fact that this software often refuses to load a song, even though you restart it and have a secure internet connection, is a major problem. It can not load the song because it is having trouble connecting to the server.
The song suddenly stops or skips to the next song as it passes the last two seconds of the current song, which is a minor problem. This never happened half a year ago, and it seems that they haven’t fixed the problem since I had to reinstall the program. It’s inconvenient, and it needs to be addressed. I’m giving this app two stars because, while it’s functional, it has flaws, and the tablet/iPad edition is inferior to the mobile/iPhone version because we can’t see the song’s definition or feedback, let alone add our own.

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I did research it, but my instructor played a trick on me. My friend and I considered taking computer science as one of our key subjects for the German Abitur, but we were afraid of becoming the only women in the class, so we asked our instructor about it, and he said, ‘This year there will be more women in the class than there have ever been.’ So we signed up, only to discover that we were the only ones who had done so. However, we soon realized that his assertion was still right! I believe he was very pleased with himself for making such a bold decision, and I am grateful for it today because I went on to study Computer Science at the University of Bonn. I’m happy I did, because I’m not sure I would have been bold enough without my school background.
Changes to our mobile app for creators like Pulse, as well as backend work and offline data processing, are all part of this. One challenge is that our team needs to make improvements to processes we’ve never worked on before and that have been in place for a long time; but, it’s exciting work, and the changes will be extremely beneficial to our customers.

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