Im worth it meme

Im worth it meme

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“Totally Worth It” is a phrase used to emphasize the importance of sticking to one’s decision or behavior, even though the outcomes or consequences are unfavorable. Since its debut in a rage comic character of the same name, the phrase has gained popularity in a similar way to “I Regret Nothing.”
The medical comedy show Scrubs first aired an episode titled “My Changing Ways” on May 10th, 2005. The Janitor persuades his nemesis JD to consume a pie laced with laxatives by consuming some himself in this episode. He tells the line “Totally worth it” as they’re both in the shower, suffering from the effects of the laxatives.
On November 27th, 2007, the term first appeared online as the title of a comic posted by DeviantArt[6] user wedgejaeger, depicting a character from the video game Mass Effect shooting an unarmed man to end an argument.
On August 7th, 2012, Adam Watson’s comic “That Joke Was Totally Worth It!” was released on the humor platform Smosh[4], depicting two scientists blinding a coworker to set up a bad joke. Funny or Die released an animated version of the comic on August 10th.

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A image is worth a thousand words, but it is worth even more when it can express details correctly and competently with the help of some light markups and captions. I use it for fun, but I’ve recently discovered that using it for business is where it’s really shines. I required a painter and an electrician to replace some small boxes on the outside of a commercial strip mall recently. A picture of a site plan (with markup arrows) showing locations, followed by a picture of the current boxes (with markup circles), and finally a caption describing everything gave me everything I wanted, and it made their jobs simpler by allowing them to simply send that picture to whoever would be responsible for it at their respective companies. They both contacted me separately to express their gratitude for the comprehensive details I provided. If we had attempted the same task using phone calls and text messages, some information would have been lost, and other information would have had to be replicated in order to finish the job.

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A one-cent United States penny from 1909. The coin shown is a 1909 “S,” which means it was minted in San Francisco and is therefore very rare and worth much more than one cent to collectors.
“My two cents” (“my 2”), as well as its longer version “put my two cents in,” is an American idiom[1] derived from the original English idiom “to put in my two-penny worth” or “my two cents.” This phrase originated in Nottingham during the heyday of English boxing in the early 1900s. Despite his lack of funds, Jack Jetlamey, a well-known gambler, was always able to bet on this new hopeful Jack Johnson. Each match, Jetlamey would say, “two, two, two, my two cents in for Johnson,” making the entire audience laugh. [2]It’s a phrase that’s used to introduce a preliminary declaration of one’s position.

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“Giving someone a lot of chances doesn’t tell the world how much you love them without also showing them how desperate you are to believe they care as much as you do. True love is found on the first try, folly on the second, opportunists on the third, and scoundrels on the fourth.”
“People can make something wrong for you if they want anything to be wrong about you. That is why I believe that you should never try to prove anything to someone. True diamonds belong to people who know how to recognize them; they don’t belong to people who need to be persuaded. It’s the fools who need to be persuaded about what they can’t see for themselves.”
“It isn’t love if they keep coming back to you. It’s because you made an easy choice for yourself. When the thing they really want becomes easier to get, you’ll know your value was on sale.”
“Place your affections, your heart, and your valuable time on the doorstep without even having him ring the doorbell first, and he’ll treat you like a doormat. Let him put in some effort to get close to you, and he won’t stop until you’re his.”

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