In the last week

In the last week

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Please assist me. 15th of June, 2016 at 2:18 p.m. 40 4 Responses Last week refers to the week before the current week, while the week before refers to the week prior to the week spent in Paris, or two weeks prior to the current week. 15 June 201613 If you’re wondering if you should relate to the previous week using last week and the week before, the answer is yes. If you use week before, the person you’re referring to may not realize you’re talking about last week.
For the individual to understand what is being said a week before, additional context is needed. Without more detail, the person you’re speaking with might assume either 1) that you’re talking about last week or 2) that you’re talking about the week before.

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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (often abbreviated as LWTJOL) is an American late-night talk and news parody television show hosted by comedian John Oliver.

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[4] HBO debuted the half-hour show in April 2014.

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[5] Last Week Tonight is similar to Comedy Central’s The Daily Show (where Oliver previously worked as a reporter and fill-in host), in that it takes a weekly satirical look at news, politics, and current affairs.

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[4] Oliver signed a two-year deal with HBO, with the option to extend it.

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[6] HBO revealed in September 2020 that the show had been renewed for three more seasons of 30 episodes each, holding it on the air until 2023.

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[7] On February 14, 2021, the show’s eighth season premiered.

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Oliver told an interviewer for The Wire about his plans for the show: “… Essentially, I have to keep an eye on it. Fareed Zakaria’s show on Sundays is the only thing I watch for fun… That, as well as 60 Minutes or Frontline, are shows I enjoy watching. I still have a TV on in my office, and I’ll turn between CNN, Fox, MSNBC, Bloomberg, CNBC, Al Jazeera, and others… I’m watching with a particular objective in mind: to see how a bad story is told.” [nine]

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The reactivations took place during the previous calendar week, according to this sentence (which may or may not be the last seven days). Last week (without the) almost always refers to the previous calendar week in American use. There’s no indication whether they all happened at the same time or were spread out over a period of time.
The exact amount of time being addressed and the spacing of the events vary in the sentences. There are several cases in which either may be used, but there are others in which only one would be acceptable.


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