Innovation that excites meme

Innovation that excites meme

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Do you know what the Doomsday Clock is? It’s a symbolic timepiece that conveys how dangerously close we are to destroying our culture by our own (innovative) innovations. Man-made pandemics, electronic warfare, killer robots, the amount of nuclear warheads per capita, sea level rises, and the horrifying piling of non-essentials thanks to e-commerce (same idea as the sea level rise except it happens in your garage) have taken us no less than three minutes to midnight, according to recent reports. The clock, which has been maintained since 1947 by members of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Science and Security Board, an ambitious bunch, as you can accept, is both admired and mocked around the world. “As a meme, metaphor, and instrument of civic consciousness, the Doomsday Clock is unmatched,” writes Scott Brown of WIRED.
Its usefulness, on the other hand, is far from obvious. As the old English proverb goes, necessity is the mother of (all) creativity, and humans have excelled at improving when things got rough – whether it was in navigation, safe crops, management techniques, or computer graphics. Without further ado, here are four inventions that will restore our confidence in the future while also putting an end to the irritating tick. Replace it with an exciting buzz, at the very least.

Lie witness news – coachella 2013

Doge (/dod/ DOHJ, /do/ DOHG, /do/ DOHZH[1]) is a popular Internet meme that started in 2013. A image of a Shiba Inu dog with multicolored text in Comic Sans font in the foreground is typical of the meme. The text, which serves as an internal monologue, is purposefully written in a broken English style.
Doge often employs two-word phrases in which the first word is almost always one of five modifiers (“so”, “such”, “many”, “much”, and “very”), with the departure from correct English occurring when the modifier is applied to a word that it cannot properly alter.
[2] For instance, “Much admiration. The doge version would be “Much noble, so honor.” since the modifiers are used in a formally acceptable manner; the doge version would be “Much noble, so respect.”” [2] In addition to these words, a doge utterance often concludes with a single word, the most common of which is “wow,” but “amaze” and “excite” are also common. [2] Many variants and spin-offs have been developed since the meme’s inception, including “liquified Doge,”[3][4] a variant in which the dog’s form is morphed into other species, and “ironic Doge,”[3] a version in which the Doge character is placed in ironic and uncharacteristic circumstances. The ironic Doge memes have spawned a slew of other characters, most of whom are dogs. One of them is Cheems, a Shiba Inu with a speech impediment that causes it to repeat the letter “M” throughout its speech. [5] Another often appearing sarcastic Doge character is Walter, a bull terrier who is usually depicted as loving “moster cars” [sic] and firetrucks. The majority of these memes can be found on subreddits including r/dogelore. [6] “Swole Doge vs. Cheems,” a meme in which a muscular Doge and a baby Cheems are portrayed as something deemed better in the past and its current iteration, respectively, became common in 2020. [nine] [eight]

New 5 gum – rain (spearmint)

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One of the thousand or so antiquities found by metal detectorists in the UK during the last year of lockdown loot hunting is a silver badge described as the medieval equivalent of today’s common meme phenomenon.
The British Museum revealed that the silver gilt piece of ornate and befuddling artistry was discovered in a field near Pontifract, West Yorkshire, England. According to the Guardian, Beverly Nenk, a Museum curator, described it as “such a funny little thing,” noting its rarity and exclaiming, “I haven’t seen anything like it.”
The “snail man” badge or brooch is around 2cm long (a few hairs short of an inch) and dates from about 1200 to 1350 AD. It depicts a man, or more precisely, what appears to be a praying knight, emerging from a snail shell in some way. Oh, and the snail is perched on the back of a pig. If this sounds strange, it’s because it is. Badges from the Middle Ages were typically much more visible representations of people, locations, and events.
Is it possible to decode the essence of the medieval meme? According to the BBC, the piece is thought to have’religious connotations,’ and snails were synonymous with cowardice during this time period. Nenk is quoted by the BBC as saying:

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