Is artpal legit

Is artpal legit

Best websites to sell your art online 20 sites

For me, this year is all about selling art online! Despite a couple of upcoming shows, my primary focus will be on online sales. It enables me to communicate directly with my target audience, bypassing the middleman and expanding my own client base.
While it can take some effort to stand out among so many other talented artists for recognition, if you put time into your promotional campaign and social media presence, you can easily guide your fans to these online galleries to buy your artworks.
Fine Art America has revolutionized the online art industry by creating the world’s largest digital art marketplace. Their international audience, simple setup, and print-on-demand technology make it an irresistible resource for any artist. When you add in career-boosting resources like newsletter design and branded online stores, the deal is unbeatable.
It’s no wonder that they’re home to hundreds of thousands of artists who sell everything from wall art and home decor to clothing and fine paintings. Their customers also get a ready-to-hang product from one of FAA’s trusted plants, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee. Click here for more details.

Original art for sale on my artpal store

There are, however, drawbacks to “going public”: People have used—and even sold—my photos without my permission. But I never expected anyone to try to steal my original artworks as well as my money.
A few weeks ago, I got an email from a man who said that he had seen his wife looking at my website and that she adored my drawings. He asked about two of my colored pencil sketches, asking if they were for sale and if I accepted personal checks as a surprise anniversary present. I told him that I didn’t take personal checks, but that I did accept credit cards and PayPal through my Etsy store, and that I could tell him about the prints and the one original that was open.
He replied quickly and enthusiastically that he would take the original of a drawing called Alice in July because seeing his wife’s reaction was worth the money. Just one stipulation: he insisted on paying by check. I responded in kind, agreeing to the condition that the check clear before shipping. He inquired about my address. I handed it over to him in order for him to mail the check.

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Artists used to have a lot of restrictions on how, where, and where they could sell their work. There were no websites where you could sell your artwork. You had to find a way to get your art into someone’s hands in person, whether it was at a fine art gallery, a creative exhibition, or an impromptu street sale.
You can’t discuss art selling websites without discussing Etsy. This mega-popular online marketplace, which launched in 2005, has become the go-to spot for crafters, designers, painters, and artists of all types to showcase their work, interact with potential buyers, and sell their art online.
The success of Etsy is both a benefit and a threat for artists. Its online marketplace exposes you to one of the internet’s largest crowds of craft and art enthusiasts. In the other hand, it has one of the largest populations of artists attempting to make a living from their work, making it difficult to break through and get the work in front of the right people online.

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For both experienced and new artists, selling art online is a fantastic opportunity. However, there are so many websites to sell your art on that navigating and deciding which ones to use can be difficult. This is the first of several articles and reviews in which I will examine websites where you can sell your artwork online.
I’ve already written an article called “Where To Sell Your Art Online,” which offers a quick rundown of the websites I’ll be discussing. However, not only do I discuss the website in this review and the video above, but I also demonstrate how to build an account, upload your artwork, and more.
It enables you to sell nearly any type of original artwork. Paintings, sketches, sculptures, jewelry, crafts, glass, ceramics, pottery, digital art, textile and apparel, photos, and more are all available for sale.
Payments are made directly to your PayPal account via ArtPal. You are paid immediately for original artworks. After the 30-day money-back guarantee has expired, you will be billed on the 15th of every month for print-on-demand items.

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