Where to buy is opskins a scam online?

Where to buy is opskins a scam online?

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9/28/2017 OPSkins is the safest and most reliable in-game item trading platform. Recently, a new wave of websites impersonating OPSkins has emerged, attempting to defraud users of their belongings. Here are some things you can do to protect yourself from…
A scammer creates a website that appears to be an official OPSkins website but is hosted on a separate domain (opskins.com, billing.opskins.com, blog.opskins.com, and opsk.in are our only official domains!). It will often offer a free item if you refer enough Steam users. Some of the more recent scam sites offer a free item in exchange for completing a survey.
20/05/2017 Over the last few months, this has become increasingly visible; just be careful out there, guys! I’m tired of hearing about people being duped by this system, so I decided to make a video…
I’m looking for a spot where I can buy a knife without having to worry about being conned. I looked around and discovered opskins, which I don’t want to purchase from the Steam market due to trade cooldowns. Is this a genuine website? or is it a ruse to defraud you of money?

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With their escape scam, they conned me and many others.

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They kicked users with a lot of money off their mailing list, so they didn’t get notified about the January closure. All of the VGO skins they used to sell for $2.50 each are now useless. They’ve changed their name to WAX, and you can find them here. Telegram/wax.io/wax.io/wax.io/wax.io/wax.io/wax.io/ If you’ve been scammed as well, feel free to tell them how you feel…
To withdraw a few dollars, you must present your passport and a copy of your address bills. Sorry for the inconvenience. I have no faith in these people, and everything with that website is always complicated.
Their support has done an outstanding job.
OPSkins has one of the best customer service departments I’ve ever seen. They review and assist tickets in 5 minutes to 2 hours at the most, and they do an excellent job making sure you get what you need. Exceptional work all around.

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Last night, I went to opskins to sell three pubg things right away and was scammed. The bot had the same identification/token id as the human and had an opskins name. The scammer had somehow gained access to their website and was able to give me the bid almost immediately. I figured all was fine because the name and code were both tested. After a minute or so, I find my wallet balance has remained unchanged. My steam account was never hacked, and I never went to the bogus opskins website. Even though I had 2FA allowed, the scammer still had access to the information they needed to defraud me. Ok, opskins won’t help me, and neither will steam. I’m almost certain that the con artist has already sold my belongings to opskins. It’s too bad they can’t do anything to assist their consumers in recouping their losses as a result of this hack. There are 44 comments so far. 86 percent sharesavehidereport Voted up This discussion has been closed. There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort by the strongest.

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Originally published by BrooklynZoo 19 days before my birthday:

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It’s an official bot, and it’s requesting my belongings. If a bot does not ask for your belongings, you are about to be conned. Thank you so much.
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Any online betting site is a rip-off. Now all opskins needs to be is a betting place, and your point would make sense. Every CS:GO skins-related website is a ruse.
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Now all opskins needs to be is a betting place, and your point would make sense. Every CS:GO skins-related website is a ruse. That is not what I was referring to, and your point is false. Also, opskins is less expensive than steam, so…
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Originally posted by Etrnty:actually cheaper than steam, so yeah… cheap scamming tactics, csgo fanboy tactics*And not necessarily, calling opskins a scam just because “Ermagerd, deposit items is scam” is incorrect.
It’s basically a more user-friendly Marketplace than the Steam Market, which is the biggest rip-off because anything you sell on the Steam Market can only be used on Steam, while on Opskins, you get the true value.

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