Israel 10 coin reviews

Israel 10 coin reviews

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When the Israeli government agreed to change the subdivision of the Israeli lira (a.k.a. Israeli pound) from 1000 prutot to 100 agorot in 1960, this name was first used. 1st The name was proposed by the Academy of the Hebrew Language and is based on I Samuel 2:36 in the Hebrew Bible. …any one who is left in thy house shall come to him and crouch for a piece of silver.. (the term “piece of silver” appears in Hebrew as “agorat kessef”).
A 1 agora coin was used until April 1, 1991[2], and a 5 agorot coin was used until January 1, 2008, when the Bank of Israel agreed to stop producing them. This was due to the fact that the costs of production much outweighed the coin’s worth. When paying in cash nowadays, the price must be rounded up to the nearest multiple of ten agorot. When purchasing several pieces, the cumulative amount is rounded up. When paying with checks, credit cards, or bank orders, there is no rounding.

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Both Israeli coins are contemporary. This ten agorot coin is worth less than a dollar in the United States. A completely uncirculated coin could fetch a few dollars from a collector. Aluminum-bronze is used to make these coins. The denomination is printed in a square pattern on all coins. The menorah is depicted on the back of the ten agorot. On the backs of the 1 and 5 agorot coins, respectively, there is a sea vessel with oars and a picture of an ancient coin. All of the coins have a low value.
israel with image of 7 stick candle holder on top of what appears to be land/ other side has more hebrew writings and what appears to be the word ‘acorot’ menorah menorah square rectangle

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The 10 agorot controversy refers to a conspiracy theory[1][2] popularized by Palestine Liberation Organization chairman Yasser Arafat’s appearance at a special UN Security Council session in Geneva on May 25, 1990. Arafat argued during the session that the obverse design of an Israeli ten agorot coin depicted a map of “Greater Israel,” which he claimed reflected Zionist expansionist aims. 1st [three]
Arafat cited a paper published in GeoJournal by Gwyn Rowley of the University of Sheffield to back up his arguments. The paper “Developing Perspectives on the Areal Extent of Israel: An Outline Evaluation” posed the question of what Eretz Yisrael’s maximum territorial extents were in Israelis’ eyes. [three] Rowley presented a map of the Middle East with a superimposed outline based on the embossed design of a contemporary 10 agorot coin as part of this investigation. Whereas Israel has never officially established its boundaries, one potential hint of Israel’s wider territorial aspirations can be found on the Israeli ten agorot coin, which features a map that appears to represent a region that would include present-day Amman, Beirut, Baghdad, Damascus, and parts of Saudi Arabia to the north. The earlier one sheqal coin featured the same territorial depiction. [number four]

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