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I’m the President and CEO of a marketing and public relations company that focuses on helping financial professionals achieve and sustain a competitive advantage through strategic communications.
I’m the President and CEO of a marketing and public relations company that focuses on helping financial professionals achieve and sustain a competitive advantage through strategic communications.
Since working with Semper four months ago, I’ve been able to increase their Morningstar visibility as well as get them featured in Barron’s. I was able to maximize their media attention thanks to my contacts in the industry.
Guggenheim’s 2017 organic growth rates in fixed-income funds (79%) and mutual funds overall (89%) were the highest in the sector, while ETF AUM grew 48 percent from $27 billion to $40 billion in 312 years. Guggenheim was able to sell its ETF company for $1.2 billion in 2018 thanks to a multi-year public relations campaign.

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Despite his retirement from AIM in 2012, he recently accepted a job offer he couldn’t decline at Guggenheim Partners in New York as Director of Intermediary Communications. Ivy is responsible for managing Guggenheim Partners’ Intermediary Distribution business’s continued growth and active management of public relations and communications, with a particular emphasis on the rapidly expanding firm’s creative exchange-traded fund (ETF) product line. As a result, Ivy expresses herself as follows: “I’ve received so many sweet words and congratulatory messages from former colleagues that it’s always brought me to tears. Target and its people have always been and will continue to be unique “..

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