Jack in the box portland

Jack in the box portland

Jack in the box drive thru bike edition

111,162 ratings by LevonM 7th of September, 2017 Not at all fine My wife and I came in for a fast bite to eat. Since none of us had ever been to a Jack in the Box, we were curious to see what it was like. Simply put, I was underwhelmed. It was mostly clean, but there were a couple of tables that needed to be cleaned…More Visited in August of 2017 Is this information useful?
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On the 27th of April, 2016, I checked it out on my phone. The order is incorrect. At the drive-through, I attempted to order a breakfast jumbo platter. “NO bacon,” the lady couldn’t understand. I was craving bacon and a cup of daily coffee.
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Updated on February 26, 2015 The Food Exceeded My Standards The food was standard Jack in the Box fare. The fact that you can get breakfast at any time appealed to me (not having one near my I did not know this). The restaurant was clean, and the employee was polite and helpful. Helpful? Date of visit: February 2015
Don M6 reviewsReviewed by Don M6 on February 18, 2015 Grease that has been salted is preferred to grease that has not been salted. Could they possibly bring some more grease into each and every menu item? Then there’s the salting of everything to death!!! This junk food is for you if you want a heart attack. Helpful? Date of visit: January 2015

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Our visitors’ and team members’ health and welfare remain our top priorities. As we move forward, all of our locations are adhering to new and revised local and state regulations, and we’re taking extra precautions to handle our dining rooms properly on a case-by-case basis. Before completely reopening any sites, our restaurant owners are reviewing all safety issues and revised mandates. For more details, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page. Let’s face it: you want exactly what you want, exactly when you want it. The whole menu is available all day at Jack in the Box! Do you want to eat breakfast in the evening? We’ve figured it out. Do you have a craving for juicy burgers made with our signature beef? They are still in Jack’s possession. Do you have a craving for a tasty chicken sandwich? It’s over. To indulge in your favorite foods, visit your local Jack in the Box. You don’t even have to leave your couch with delivery options open!

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1,205 reviewsReviewed on February 22, 2017 by tiredandtraveled Oh, my goodness, So salty and greasy. The service was often sluggish. The beef and chicken had an odd texture, with the chicken being a solidified paste and the burger being very dry. So the sourdough and all of those sauces are fantastic if you spend a lot of money on them. The…low-cost stuff is disgusting. But it’s so inexpensive. Visited in February 2017 Is this information useful?
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18th of October, 2016 What are your expectations from fast food? This is a standard Jack In The Box position. Since they are rarely busy, service is usually fast. Consistent with other fast food establishments, with a sufficient menu variety in all price ranges. Visited in August of 2016 Is this information useful?
That is a shame. A few grocery stores, as well as restaurants, have been selling expired food. A month ago, the Health Inspector had given them a 90 out of 100 rating. What a farce. If the inspector ignores an entire box of eight-month-old dressing, they are clearly not doing their job. Check the expiration dates on your food or avoid this location.More Helpful? Date of visit: September 2016

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With over 2,200 quick-serve restaurants in 21 states and Guam, Jack in the Box is one of the nation’s largest fast-food hamburger chains. Jack in the Box has often stressed on-the-go convenience as the first big hamburger chain to establish and extend the idea of drive-thru dining, with nearly 85 percent of the half-billion guests served annually ordering food at the drive-thru or for take-out. Most restaurants have indoor dining areas and are open 18-24 hours a day, in addition to drive-thru windows.
In addition to high-quality items, Jack in the Box understands that a growing number of quick-serve consumers want the option to customize their meals. Customers at Jack in the Box have the versatility, whether it’s foregoing the bun and sauce in favor of a low-carb burger or substituting ingredients to make the exact combination of flavors to fit an individual’s specific preferences. “We don’t make it until you order it®,” says the company. Customers are served hot and fresh meals regardless of their order. We also offer our full menu, which includes breakfast, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So if you want a Buttery JackTM burger for breakfast or a Breakfast Jack® sandwich for dinner, you can get it at Jack in the Box whenever you want.

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