Jackson hole trading post

Jackson hole trading post

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Jackson Hole Trading Post & Gem Mine welcomes you. We’re halfway between Franklin and Highlands, NC, on one of the most scenic byways in the world, on Hwy. 28 & US 64, 1/3 mile above the spectacular Cullasaja Falls.
Mine for your treasures while sitting in covered comfort. If it’s raining or shining, look for your treasures. We don’t have to walk through the “red clay mud” that so many other mines need you to do to get to the sluice. Native and enriched gemstones are found in our mine.
All equipment is provided, and we provide friendly assistance to those who are new to the sport. The season has begun at the Jackson Hole Gem Mine. Call ahead to confirm hours. Please call ahead to confirm off-season hours (828) 524-5850.

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Jackson Hole Trading Post & Gem Mine is located near Highlands, North Carolina. We are halfway between Franklin and Highlands on one of the most scenic byways in the United States, in waterfall region. Since 1977, the Jackson Hole Trading Post & Gem Mine has been family owned and run. Come see us and mine for treasures while sitting in covered warmth. We’re open all year and ready to welcome you, your family, and friends whether it’s raining or shining. Our mine has both native and enriched gemstones, and we have a variety of bucket sizes available at various prices. We provide all of your supplies and tools, as well as helpful assistance to inexperienced miners. We hope to see you soon at Jackson Hole Trading Post & Gem Mine! Return to the top

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The first European and American visitors came to collect beaver pelts, and the Native Americans came to hunt buffalo and other big game. The only people who came to Jackson Hole before 1800 were Native American tribes who spent the summer months hunting the animals in the valley and surrounding area. The Shoshoni, Crow, Blackfeet, Bannock, and Gros Ventre were among the tribes that passed through the valley. The traditions and culture of the early tourists to Jackson Hole were left behind. Today’s historians enjoy discovering these objects in the valley’s hidden corners, and the Jackson Hole Historical Society & Museum shares the findings with the public.
In 1803, Thomas Jefferson assembled the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery to explore the Louisiana Purchase’s unknown territories. On their way to the Pacific Ocean, the expedition moved up the Missouri River and across the Rocky Mountains in Montana, far north of Wyoming. On the expedition’s return journey in 1806, one of the participants, John Colter, went back into the mountains to scout for a fur trading company. Colter most likely visited Jackson Hole in the winter of 1807-8 while on a journey to the Crow. He went into Crow territories to convince them to trap for valuable beaver pelts, which were then used to make stylish hats.

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