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FinCEN Deputy Director Jamal El-Hindi gave prepared remarks at the Money Transmitter Regulators Association’s annual conference last Wednesday. His remarks focused on three subjects that have piqued his interest: I creativity and improvement in the enforcement of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA); (ii) FinCEN regulation of non-banking financial institutions; and (iii) maintaining a good compliance culture.
El-Hindi began by addressing the topic of innovation and BSA/AML reform by endorsing FinCEN’s ongoing initiative to promote innovation in banking practices, which stems from a policy statement on innovation released by FinCEN and other financial regulators in December 2018.
El-Hindi emphasized FinCEN’s recent launch of “Innovation Hours,” a program held on the second Thursday of each month where FinTech and RegTech companies can introduce products and services that are currently being developed for use in the financial sector. The aim, according to El-Hindi, is to keep regulators up to date on what products and services are coming down the pike in the financial sector (to “better understand innovation as it happens”), as well as to allow FinCEN to weigh in on these products while they are still in development, in the hopes that the finished products will have compliance and AML goals baked in. Each month, a different aspect of the industry is highlighted: The meeting in July focused on products that used machine learning and AI; the meeting in August focused on blockchain-related services; and the meeting in September will concentrate on “innovations in KYC, BSA reporting, and key inter-bank payment and messaging systems.” El-Hindi emphasized several themes that emerged from the presentations so far, primarily the notions that these technologies have the potential to improve both efficiency and transparency in financial regulatory activities, and that government actors should help develop these technologies for this purpose. (The program’s website can be found here.)

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This dynamic, in my opinion, continues to make your sector difficult to regulate in terms of anti-money laundering. Approximately 40% of depository institutions are currently registered to participate in 314(b) business-to-business information sharing. In the securities industry, only 14% of all companies that are qualified to register for this essential knowledge exchange mechanism do so. Here’s what I’d like to ask you: Is this lower registration rate indicative of a society in your business world that is more fearful of knowledge sharing?
We hope that, at a time when we are all recognizing the importance of appropriate information sharing, your companies will work to share more information with one another, either bilaterally or through 314(b) associations, to root out illegal activity, while also figuring out how to protect the information you share from being used to steal each other’s customers. There is a way that there is a will. There are people in this room who are paving the way for better knowledge sharing in this industry. We hope that others in this room will follow their example, and we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you.

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From 1988 to 1994, Rackham Graduate School of the University of Michigan offers a Master of Arts in Middle Eastern Studies. From 1987 to 1990 University of Michigan Law School, Doctor of Jurisprudence in Middle Eastern Studies From 1981 to 1985, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill offers a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.
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Jamal El-Hindi took over as acting head of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network in June 2016. FinCEN, which is part of the US Treasury Department, gathers and analyzes data about financial transactions in order to implement laws against money laundering, terrorist funding, and other financial crimes on a domestic and international level.
Jamal Laurence El-Hindi was born on March 27, 1963, in Syracuse, New York, the fourth of five children of Ahmad, a Palestine-born engineer, and Elizabeth El-Hindi. His mother was a Catholic and his father was a Muslim. Ahmad El-Hindi founded the Ahmad and Elizabeth El-Hindi Foundation and funded the El-Hindi Center for Dialogue after starting his own business, Filtertech.
Jamal grew up in the small town of Fabius, New York, just south of Syracuse, as “a typical American infant.” He graduated from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Journalism in 1985, a Diploma in International Relations from The London School of Economics in 1986, and two graduate degrees from the University of Michigan, a JD in 1990 and an M.A. in Modern Middle Eastern and North African Studies in 1994. He has written at least two posts on Palestine-related international law issues.

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