January 5th meme

January 5th meme

The queen: january 5th meme: explained

In the /r/me irl subreddit on December 26th, 2018, Redditor [1] beefy cabbage posted an item marking meme featuring characters from the television show iCarly. One character smacks another in the back with a stop sign in the meme. The person holding the stop sign is labeled “the Queen of England,” the stop sign is labeled “death,” and the person being struck is labeled “January 5th, 2019.” More than 52,000 votes (89 percent upvotes) and 7,200 comments were given to the post (shown below).
People started making jokes about the prediction after seeing the message. ShiroHakane, a Redditor[2], posted another object-labeled meme on December 27th, blocking her death because “England would be sad.” There were over 6,200 likes (98 percent upvotes) and 85 comments on the post (shown below, left).
“It’s about a post on r/me irl by u/beefy cabbage stating that the queen will die on January 5th, 2019. The post went viral, and redditors began making memes about the Queen’s death on January 5th. This is most likely the first meme of the year.”

Historical meme expanded episode 1: january 5th

To commemorate Prince Charles’ accession to the throne, the words to the National Anthem will be modified, and new postage stamps and currency will be issued. Prince William will only become king if Prince Charles abdicates and hands over the throne to him. Since 2013, Charles’ workload has risen while the Queen’s has decreased in what appears to be a handover of the reins. However, according to a poll conducted in April, just 53% of people like Charles, compared to 77% for the Queen. The memorial service The Queen’s state funeral will be the largest ever held in the United Kingdom, surpassing Princess Diana, the Queen Mother, and Margaret Thatcher by a long shot. The Archbishop of Canterbury, currently the Rev Justin Welby, will lead the service. Politicians and heads of state from around the world, as well as the Royal Family, will be in attendance. As a result, the event is expected to be one of the most highly guarded of all time, with security forces being deployed to defend against possible terrorist attacks. Her coffin will be taken from Westminster Hall and transported by gun carriage to Westminster Abbey for the funeral, passing through tens of thousands of mourners. The Queen is expected to be buried in Windsor Castle’s St George’s Chapel, alongside her mother and father, King George VI. Follow @Plymouth live on Twitter. More Details

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Kyle Craven (born August 10, 1989), better known online as “Bad Luck Brian,” is an Internet celebrity best known for a photo he posted on Reddit in 2012 that quickly became a viral Internet meme.
Ian Davies posted a yearbook picture of his friend Kyle Craven to Reddit on January 23, 2012, at 2:15 UTC.
[3] Craven and Davies both went to Akron’s Archbishop Hoban High School.
[4] Craven said that he reddened his face with a sweater and smiled obnoxiously, but the high school principal at the time demanded that he retake the picture.
On April 11, 2012, a Redditor pretending to be Bad Luck Brian tried to do an AMA thread in the “Ask Me Something” subreddit, but it was deleted.
[8] The moderator who deleted the post left a lengthy explanation in the comments section, which got over 35,000 downvotes, making it one of Reddit’s most downvoted comments ever. On May 8, Craven posted an AMA thread on a separate Advice Animals subreddit. [eight] The post got 24,722 upvotes and a total of 2017 points.

Regional railroad authority board meeting, jan 5, 2021

According to a Reddit thread that has since gone viral, Queen Elizabeth II will die on January 5. Although the original poster, Beefy Cabbage, has since removed the post and their account, it first appeared on December 26. The article had over 50,000 upvotes and 7,000 views when it was taken down. The account’s deletion caused some Reddit users to wonder if Beef Cabbage’s claims had contributed to an investigation by British security forces, specifically MI6. Foreign threats to the UK are investigated by MI6. Domestic threats are investigated by MI5. Characters from the Nickelodeon TV show “iCarly” were depicted in the meme’s image.

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