Japanese meet up

Japanese meet up

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You live in Japan, and despite having a few foreign coworkers, you’re finding it difficult to make genuine connections, especially with Japanese people with whom you don’t have many opportunities to converse and practice your Japanese.
This was my impression after nearly a year in Nagoya. I was working at a junior high school and didn’t have many people I could hang out with on a regular basis, aside from a few near international friends I’d met at a volunteer language class. I used to spend most of my weekends alone.
We spoke about the difficulties of making friends in Tokyo, but I wanted to go a step further and tell you about how I became the center of a group of Japanese and international expats, formed lifelong friendships, and met my incredible girlfriend.
My meetup group was named the Nagoya Hangout –, and it grew to 500 members in just two months! Also my first gathering, a coffee shop language exchange, was a big success, with 20 people attending and a 15-person waiting list for the small space we had. Nearly 40 people attended the second meetup. Over 50 people attended an impromptu picnic in Tsuruma Koen at the end of the summer.

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Meetup is one of the best apps for joining local communities and experiencing Japanese culture while traveling, whether you’re traveling alone or with friends. There’s always a party for you, whether it’s for adventurous culinary trips or interesting cultural adventures.
Welcome Tokyo and Tokyo Hang Outers are for you if you know a little Japanese and want to better your Japanese or don’t mind speaking English with those who are studying. They host a variety of language exchange activities almost every day in the region, and visitors interested in learning the language are welcome!
Are you traveling alone? Japan is a country that has a The Meetup group Solo Travelers helps all solo travelers in Japan. Meet new friends, explore the neighborhood, and share tips at their weekly Karaoke night in the heart of Tokyo, Shibuya! The majority of people attend the event on their own, have a nice time, and make great friends by the end of the night!

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When it comes to making Japanese mates, there are a variety of methods that can be taken. This article has whittled down the options to the top 15 suggestions; you’ll be making Japanese friends in no time! This isn’t your typical generic list, and even advanced Japanese speakers will learn something different!
To begin, we should discuss the advantages of making Japanese friends before moving on to how to make Japanese friends. Having Japanese friends will help you learn about Japanese culture and develop your Japanese. Japanese people are indeed wonderful and amusing to be around! This article aims to dispel some of the popular myths foreigners have about making Japanese friends, as well as include the most useful tips for making Japanese friends!
Celebrities, music, anime, and dramas are all topics that Japanese people enjoy discussing. In reality, people from all over the world enjoy discussing famous people and events. Conversations with Japanese people would become much simpler if you only know a few popular Japanese celebrities, subjects, and shows. People in Japan will be astounded by how much you know about their society! If you can’t think of any, asking a Japanese person for show suggestions or cool celebrities is also a good idea!

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A “Language Exchange” is an event in which participants take the time to teach and study each other’s languages on a casual basis. For example, at the “ENGLISH ONLY CAFE,” thirty-minute sessions alternate between English and Japanese conversation time, allowing both language speakers to learn and teach the other. This is not only entertaining, but also a very useful way to learn a language.
Members will discuss subjects of their choosing during the language exchange. The discussions are held in small groups of three or four people rather than one-on-one, making it easier for even beginners in either language to participate in a discussion without feeling uncomfortable.

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