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I’ve struggled a lot with tossing in the towel. For one thing, reading past entries makes me so happy I took the time to write down the funny, cute, and uncomfortable life events that occur around here, and I’ll miss this method of capturing them, and two, it’s a perfect way to scrapbook (by printing your blog) without actually scrapbooking, haha. I’m too busy once again!
But I don’t just feel sad; I also feel relieved. Giving this up in the season I’m in feels like a huge weight has been taken off my shoulders. And I’m very pleased with myself for sticking with it for so long. For nothing else, six and a half years equals a LOT of outfit photos 😉
I’m going for birkenstocks (my first pair), ankle boots with not only skinny jeans, but also knee length skirts and dresses, boyfriend jeans (even though I’m not skinny), blanket scarves, utility vests, and the return of the super long flare leg jean!
We had to wake up all three of our children on Christmas morning to get things started! Russ and I prepared breakfast together, and we enjoyed a leisurely morning, slowly opening gifts and watching everyone’s reactions.

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It seemed like a smart idea at one point. I started to doubt my previous rationale after laying down to rest in a cozy hotel bed just hours ago, and with a few snooze cycles already waking me up from my deep slumber. I had suggested the evening before, “Let’s go check out a fish market in town, and let’s go very early to skip the crowds and catch the action at its peak.”
It’s five o’clock. We were dragging ourselves out of a warm bed, clumsily bundling up in preparation for the cold of a pre-dawn January morning, and it was pitch dark outside. That’s around 15 degrees Fahrenheit in Seoul. “Who came up with this brilliant idea again?”
The dishes begin to appear after a few minutes. The flounder is simply sliced and served as sashimi or wrapped in a perilla leaf with rice and a pinch of chili. On the other hand, the octopus is a little gothic. The dismembered bits wiggle like worms on a tray, snipped up with scissors and seasoned with sesame oil, toasted sesame seeds, and a pinch of salt. The tiny suction cups try their hardest to stick to something once they’re in your mouth. It’s the strangest feeling, but it’s not as revolting as it seems. After the giggles and novelty wear off, the octopus has a remarkably neutral smell, picking up the flavors of whatever it’s been flavored with.

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Since I’m a sucker for recaps, here’s mine. This year, I learned to appreciate space in all of its forms—from seeing friends and family to the physical space in our apartment (and the many other apartments we had this year) to all of the outdoor space. I became an introvert and enjoyed it, taking pleasure in (for…
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We’ve embarked on a four-month journey through the southern United States! We’ll be traveling from San Francisco to Utah, New Mexico, Austin, Atlanta, North Carolina, Washington, DC, and Vermont. This post is about the Utah portion of our trip. One of the first things I noticed about Utah was that masks are not needed. There’s a lot to do! …
Fall is finally here! A swirl of chai runs through this pumpkin coffee cake, which is topped with a crunchy toasty semolina-walnut streusel. Breakfast or dessert, this is a winner! The first leg of our journey has begun! Utah is the first stop. I know you don’t like it when bloggers talk about things that aren’t connected to the recipe, so I won’t go on for too long…
This cake is made extra comforting with ginger, pear, honey cinnamon, and other spices. Serve with ice cream or whipped cream while it’s still warm! This week, we’ll be relocating! And I should be packing/cleaning/working instead of writing/cooking, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from college, it’s how to get the most work done with the least amount of time…

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We’re Ashley (right) and Erin (left), the Adventure a la Mode bloggers! Since fifth grade, we’ve been best friends. We started this blog together three years ago because we both enjoy traveling and fashion.
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I am amused by the fact that “Keeping Me Guessing” by Francesca Battistelli is one of the songs I still blast in my car. That song was my anthem for years, and it got me through some really trying times. I had no idea that I would be living out these exact lyrics and being utterly blown away by God’s plan for my life.

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