Jordan dollar to usd

Jordan dollar to usd

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The information on this page pertains to the current value of one dinar in US dollars. The currency calculator’s interactive form enables you to move through current world currency quotes based on “Available Exchange Rates” and shows the data in a graph. The online converter can help you understand the exchange rate between different currencies. For example, you can instantly convert 1 JOD to USD using the “Open Exchange Rates” rate to determine if you should continue with the exchange or wait until a better time. The page also provides graphical and tabular representations of the exchange rate’s dynamics for the day, week, month, and year. Statistics in the form of graphs and exact figures can aid you in tracking changes over time and determining the estimated rate of any currency against another.

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You might find yourself having to switch currency more frequently than you expected. Your company can need to pay overseas workers and suppliers in significant quantities by translating Jordanian Dinar to US Dollar. You may also have personal reasons for converting your JOD to USD, such as purchasing property in another country or paying for international university tuition. To optimize the bottom line and reduce the costs associated with foreign transfers, accept transfer payments whether you’re making a one-time payment or have an ongoing expense.
Wire transfers through your personal bank are not recommended since we know you want to pay the lowest rate possible when exchanging and sending JOD to USD. Moving money across borders can be a complicated process. The whole procedure can take a long time, not to mention the high fees.

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The Markets Insider currency calculator allows you to convert Jordanian dinar to US dollar in a matter of seconds. Conversions can be rendered at the existing exchange rate for tourists to Jordan. For investors invested in foreign stock markets with various currencies, the currency calculator is an excellent method.
Converting from Jordanian dinar to US dollar is possible at both current and historical rates; to do so, pick the desired exchange rate date. By default, the date is set to today’s date. The currency converter also displays the previous day’s closing rate as well as the maximum and lowest prices for the conversion Jordanian dinar – US dollar. The findings are presented in a well-organized table. The Markets Insider currency calculator provides other exchange rates for around 160 foreign currencies in addition to the Jordanian dinar – US dollar rate.
You can choose from two lists in the menu to get the desired exchange rates for around 160 foreign currencies. In addition to the current rate, the currency calculator helps you to measure historical exchange rates. The results are presented in a table that includes the previous day’s closing rate, the opening rate, as well as the lowest and highest rates for each date.

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In January 2021, Jordan’s exchange rate against the US dollar averaged 0.709 (JOD/USD), down from 0.709 JOD/USD the previous month. Data on the Jordanian exchange rate against the US dollar is updated monthly and is available from January 1957 to January 2021. The data ranged from a high of 0.714 in September 1995 to a low of 0.291 in July 1980. The average of monthly Buy and Sell prices for the duration is used by CEIC to measure the monthly average Exchange Rate against USD. Jordan’s Central Bank publishes the weighted Buy and Sell Exchange Rates against the US Dollar. Prior to January 1999, the International Monetary Fund provided the exchange rate against the US dollar. Jordan Short Term Interest Rate: Month End: JODIBOR: 3 Months was registered at 4.662 percent pa in January 2021, according to the most recent data. In January 2021, the cash rate (Policy Rate: Month End: Rediscount Rate) was set at 3.500 percent pa.

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