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The measured data points presented are developed using Morningstar’s proprietary calculation methodology, which is detailed at ( in order to provide consistency across the report data provided by different Asset Managers.
Morningstar is supported in part by advertisement revenue. This helps us cover the costs of providing great material, data, and resources to all investors. We need to know whether you’re an individual investor or a financial professional in order to make the ads important to you.

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J.P. Morgan Jr. says the company is committed to doing “first-class business in a first-class manner” and becoming the world’s most trusted and valued financial services institution. Corporate responsibility has always been at the heart of our operations, and we strongly support local communities.
Provides intensive skills training, including digital skills and support programs, as well as job experience, to provide NEET youth with the skills and abilities they need to engage in the workforce. Since its inception in 2014, the initiative has aided 6,000 young people.
Encourage students to pursue STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) learning and increase their knowledge of relevant career paths to help them make a good transition from school to work.
J.P. Morgan has partnered with ETIC (Entrepreneurial Training for Innovative Communities), a Japanese non-profit organization dedicated to the development of social enterprises and their leaders.

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The trust’s outstanding performance record compared to its benchmark and rival trusts was the highlight of our initiation note on JPMorgan Japanese Investment Trust (JFJ), which was published in September of this year. This record has been extended in recent months. In addition, JFJ’s discount to NAV has narrowed considerably, improving shareholder returns even further.
JFJ just released its results for the fiscal year that ended on September 30, 2020; the company produced a 35.0 percent return on NAV and a 41.8 percent return to shareholders. In comparison, the trust’s benchmark, the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section Index (TOPIX), returned just 2.0 percent (all in total return terms). JFJ’s returns have been aided by its 14.7 percent gearing (borrowing) at the end of October 2020. One of the benefits of the closed-end system, we believe, is the opportunity to gear, which JFJ’s board has adopted.
The trust’s dividend was increased from 5.0p to 5.1p, with earnings of 5.2p covering the increase. The investment strategy generates income as a side effect, and stocks are not owned for the dividend yield. The board intends to distribute the bulk of the available net sales profits per year.

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The new selling price is higher than the current purchase price. This can happen for a number of reasons, including just before the market opens, just after the market closes, or due to unusual price fluctuations during the trading day.
The Company invests in a diversified portfolio of quoted Japanese companies to achieve its specified investment strategy and to aim to mitigate investment risks. In most cases, the portfolio would have between 50 and 100 investments. In recent years, the total number of holdings in the portfolio has decreased as Investment Managers have concentrated on companies with solid balance sheets that are not impacted by macroeconomic issues. To boost returns, the firm uses both long and short-term borrowings and focuses on in-depth company research and analysis.

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