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The Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG) is the world’s largest physical society, with over 61,000 members and a history dating back to 1845. The DPG is a non-profit organization that does not seek financial interests and sees itself as a forum and voice for physics. It encourages the exchange of ideas and thoughts among scientists, promotes physics education, and would like to open a door to physics for anyone with a healthy curiosity.
The New Journal of Physics (NJP) publishes significant new research of the highest scientific standard that is important to a wide audience. Scientific societies own and run the publication, with a distinguished international board of scientists overseeing content selection and peer review.
The transition from quantum to classical is still a mystery. One of its many facets has recently attracted more attention: the emergence of an objective universe from the quantum. One theory proposes that objectivity emerges as a result of the formation of complex quantum state structures known as spectrum broadcast structures during evolution (SBS). Despite the fact that a significant amount of research has already been done on this strong and fundamental form of objectivity, the functional implementation of SBS in a specific physical medium has yet to be thoroughly examined. We investigate the possibility of simulating the objectivization process through SBS formation using diamond nitrogen-vacancy centers, which have been extensively studied. We show that for strong, but experimentally viable, nuclear spin polarizations (p > 0.5) and magnetic fields less than 20 G, the state of the NV center and its nearest polarized environment approaches an SBS state reasonably well.

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The tenth letter of the modern English alphabet and the ISO simple Latin alphabet is J, or j. Its traditional English name is jay (pronounced /de/), with the now-rare variant jy (pronounced /da/). 1st [two] It is also referred to as yod or jod (pronounced /jd/ or /jod/) in the International Phonetic Alphabet for the y sound. [three]
XXIIJ or xxiij instead of XXIII or xxiii for the Roman numeral representing 23 used to be the swash letter I, used for the letter I at the end of Roman numerals when following another I, as in XXIIJ or xxiij for the Roman numeral representing 23. In Middle High German, a distinct use arose. [number four] In his pistola del Trissino de le lettere nuvamente aggiunte ne la lingua italiana (“Trissino’s epistle about the letters recently introduced in the Italian language”) of 1524, Gian Giorgio Trissino (1478–1550) was the first to specifically distinguish I and J as representing separate sounds. [5] Originally, ‘I’ and ‘J’ were different shapes for the same letter, both similarly representing /i/, /i/, and /j/; however, Romance languages produced new sounds (from former /j/ and //) that came to be represented as ‘I’ and ‘J’; hence, English J, acquired from the French J, has a sound value very different from /j/; thus, English J, acquired from the French J (which represents the initial sound in the English language word “yet”).

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The term “cybercrime” refers to a crime that has no bounds. Across national boundaries and territories, cybercriminals are continually devising new ways to benefit from their crimes at the detriment of individuals, corporations, and governments.
J-mission CAT’s is to facilitate mutual detection, prioritization, planning, implementation, and execution of cross-border investigations and operations by its partners, resulting in intelligence-led, concerted action against key cybercrime threats and targets. It addresses the following issues:
Non-participating countries and non-law enforcement partners are welcome to make occasional contributions to the taskforce on a case-by-case basis. This can also be accomplished by the J-CAT Attachment Scheme, which allows for a temporary attachment to operate on a cybercrime case involving at least two existing J-CAT member countries.
It is made up of a permanent working team of cyber liaison officers from various EU Member States and non-EU cooperation partners headquartered at Europol headquarters and supplemented by EC3 personnel. The cyber liaison officers come from the following organizations:

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