Juba telegraph newspaper

Juba telegraph newspaper

Prince harry joins elephant conservation project in malawi

The UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) wishes to correct factual errors and categorically deny accusations of ethnic prejudice and political favoritism made in today’s Juba Telegraph newspaper.
An internally displaced person (IDP) at the Mission’s protection-of-civilians (PoC) site in Malakal, Upper Nile district, was quoted in the article as accusing UNMISS peacekeepers of standing by idly while shots were fired into the PoC site late on July 2nd. One IDP was killed and six others were injured in the shooting incident, which occurred on July 1st.
According to an unidentified source quoted in the report, UNMISS staff retrieved the body of the slain IDP but did little to help the wounded residents of the PoC site. In fact, all of the injured IDPs were rushed to the UNMISS hospital in Malakal and a Medecins sans Frontières clinic on the Mission’s compound to receive urgent medical attention. On Wednesday afternoon, UNMISS peacekeepers fired back at alleged representatives of the armed opposition forces who had fired into the PoC site.

Syrian rebels shoot down helicopter

The army of South Sudan fought rebels for control of a key oil town on Friday, as the warring parties prepared for direct talks to end the raging conflict that has brought the world’s youngest country to the verge of civil war.

Machar will not return to south sudan capital unless

On January 2, 2014, South Sudanese soldiers gather near a truck as they patrol the streets of Juba.
JAKARTA (Reuters) – Pertamina, Indonesia’s state-owned oil company, said on Tuesday that it was still working to completely extinguish a fire that broke out at its Balongan refinery the day before, injuring six people and forcing hundreds of people to flee the region.
A 10-year-old schoolgirl was still in a coma on Tuesday after being hit in the head by a piece of a large firework, a wooden skyrocket, that was launched during a cremation at a temple in Pak Thong Chai district.
Despite Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s warning that spiraling cases in Europe meant further deaths were likely, people in England rushed outside on Monday as sports returned in the latest easing of coronavirus restrictions.

This is what egypt’s new capital will look like | itv news

The South Sudanese government claims it has evidence that the Troika intends to depose President Kiir, derail the IGAD peace talks, and install an interim government led by the current Miss South Sudan as President.
The editor-in-chief of The Juba Telegraph, a brand-new publication, has been forced to apologize for remarks about the state of journalism in South Sudan that seem to have offended some high-ranking officials.
According to witnesses, the inaccuracy of the comment irritated officials from the SPLM Secretariat in the audience. The editor-in-chief had no choice but to retract his statements and apologize on the spot.
“I was wrong when I said our work was difficult. I apologize for that. It wasn’t difficult at all; in fact, journalists were not even allowed to work openly prior to that. It actually helped when these officials arrived with a bush attitude. So please accept my apologies for exaggerating our difficulties, and ‘Oyee!’ to the bush mentality,” the apologetic editor said.

South sudan leaders call for calm following deadly clashes in

Within months of the UN force’s arrival, the first signs of sexual harassment appeared, and The Daily Telegraph has seen a draft of an internal report compiled by the UN children’s agency Unicef in July 2005 documenting the issue.
The allegations will embarrass Ban Ki-moon, the new United Nations Secretary-General, as the UN seeks permission to launch a new peacekeeping mission to help end the humanitarian crisis in Sudan’s Darfur region.
According to the Telegraph, the Sudanese government has gathered facts, including video footage of Bangladeshi UN personnel having sex with three young girls. The Sudanese government is opposed to UN troops being deployed to Darfur.
Many of the children who claim to have had sex with UN staff in Juba are members of the “missing generation” in southern Sudan, who were separated from their families during the recent civil war and now sleep on the streets of Juba, the regional capital.
More than 20 victims’ accounts have been gathered in this article, alleging that UN peacekeeping and civilian personnel stationed in the town routinely pick up young children in their UN vehicles and compel them to have sex.

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