Keep going sign

Keep going sign

Asl – keep going

All of my signs come standard with a RAW STEEL finish. The sign will rust and grow a natural patina that is special to your area if left untreated. Due to the nature of raw steel, each piece would have a different appearance, giving you a one-of-a-kind piece. If you like the look of raw steel, the INDOOR FLAT CLEAR coat is the best option. It’s an oil-based clear coat that’ll last a long time inside and is simple to clean. The steel becomes a few shades darker, often even black, as a result of this finish. A UV-resistant SILVER, GLOSS CLEAR, or FLAT BLACK powder coat can protect the steel from the elements, including wet and salty environments. Powder coat is a dense industrial coating that is free of VOCs and lasts a long time.
Let me know if you like a design but want something modified, adjusted, massaged, or added, and I’ll create a truly unique piece for you. The cost of my custom work is determined by the size and finish chosen. Please contact me and I will create a Custom Listing specifically for you!
Maker Table is more than just a metal table. I’d like to use art to help you create something special for your one-of-a-kind gallery, based on your inspiration, ideas, and ideology. Each piece is a delicate combination of your desires, my technology, and an underlying desire to meet a deadline. I’m a real person who takes pride in everything I make. In the twenty-first century, where are you going to get that?

The “treatless” click vs. keep going signal

Mornings are more enjoyable when you have a positive quote to wake up to (we promise). In reality, studies have shown that having one of our Keep Going Neon signs in your life makes your days 5000 percent more efficient (may or may not be true).
Your sign is made by hand with our patented myLEDTM Neon glued to a fully translucent acrylic backboard. Our myLEDTM Neon is made of PVC tubing with thousands of tiny LEDs that produce a brighter, more durable, and cost-effective neon glow.
$199.99 Playboy Neon Sign
Our Playboy Neon Sign will brighten your mornings and evenings. This sign is handcrafted from start to finish and uses our myLEDTM Neon technology to ensure that it shines brighter and more vividly for longer. It’s ideal for boosting the vibe of your…
$199.99 Til Death Neon Sign
Our Til Death Neon Sign will brighten your mornings and nights. This sign is handcrafted from start to finish and uses our myLEDTM Neon technology to ensure that it shines brighter and more vividly for longer. It’s ideal for boosting the vibe of…

Intermediäre brücke und keep going signal

A KGS will help you avoid being frustrated. If they don’t get a click fast enough, some horses will become impatient and give up. They’ll know the click is coming if they hear a keep-going signal.
A keep-going signal can also help you get more clicks per dollar spent. As a result, you press and reward less often. Since the horse isn’t getting as many clicks as he used to, this could make the clicks even more attractive.
Introduce the keep-going signal in a behavior that already has a few seconds of length, so you have plenty of time to do so. Slowly, the time between the keep-going signal and the click is lengthened:
Do you have a question about clicker training your horse or would like to learn more about a keep-going signal? Please communicate with me by clicking here, and I would be delighted to assist another horse-human partnership to blossom.


I’m attempting to scrape some search results in a systematic manner. As a result, get all pages() returns a list of URLs for every letter of the alphabet. There are thousands of pages on occasion, but that is perfect. Scrape table then scrapes only the table I’m interested in for each page. That also works well. I can run the whole thing and it works great, but when I work in Scraperwiki and leave it running, it always gives me a “list index out of range” mistake. This is undoubtedly a problem with scraperwiki, but I’d like to find a way to isolate the issue by adding some try/except clauses and logging errors when they occur. I haven’t been able to figure out how to log errors in a generic way, though. Furthermore, the above seems clumsy, and in my experience, when something appears clumsy, Python has a better way of doing it. Is there an easier way to do things?
The important aspect is that __exit__ will return ‘True,’ which means that the exception is ignored and the program continues. Since a KeyboardInterrupt (control-C), SystemExit, or other non-standard exception might be raised, and you really do want the program to end, the code needs to be a little more cautious.

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