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Price was born in the Queens borough of Far Rockaway and started singing in church as a boy. In January 1992, she made her professional debut with George Michael at Madison Square Garden. Price was overheard singing in the rehearsal hall by Mariah Carey while everyone else was on a meal break during the 1992 Grammy Awards the next month. Price was later introduced to Carey’s husband, Sony Columbia’s then-CEO Tommy Mottola, and offered a job as a background singer for Carey, which she accepted and stayed with until 1997. 1st She rose to fame as a backup and guest vocalist on hits including Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy,” The Infamous B.I.G.’s “Mo Money, Mo Problems,” Mase’s “Feel So Good,” and Whitney Houston’s “Heartbreak Hotel.” Faith Evans, Aretha Franklin, Brian McKnight, SWV, and R. Kelly have all used her background vocals. [requires citation]

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Kelly Price is a recording artist, actress, and judge on BET’s long-running reality show Sunday’s Best. She is best known for her vocals on hits like “Heartbreak Hotel,” “Mo Money, Mo Problems,” and “Friend of Mine.” Price, like many other Black women around the world, has been managing life during the coronavirus pandemic–a challenge that became even more complicated while filming her hit show.
The recording of BET’s Sunday’s Best’s 10th season was well underway when it was halted earlier this year due to stay-at-home orders. Price had no bearing on the decision to continue filming remotely, and it took a fast learning curve to do so. Judges were expected to act as their own production team and glam squad, as well as learn new skills such as how to eliminate shadows that appeared on camera in order to produce the best pictures. In the end, Price was ecstatic with the decision to keep going.
Price recalled, “The 18-year-old Kelly rises up recalling what it was like when I received my first professional call for George Michael, and then the second call for Mariah Carey.” “That second call turned into a five-year job for me, and it completely transformed my life.”

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Kelly Price, a gospel singer, has had a difficult year in 2020. The celebrated singer-songwriter laments the death of her mother, Claudia Price-North, who passed away on October 18. Kelly Price is coping with the most painful experience a child can have: the loss of a mother. Claudia Price-North, her mother and the woman who taught her music, died on October 18. On October 20, two days later, the singer posted on Instagram: “Including my? I understand that my life and my circumstances are in His possession. I have faith in God!” Kelly Price, a gospel singer, attends the BET Awards in Los Angeles, California. | courtesy of Getty Images
There have been ups and downs in the gospel singer’s life. Her sister, who had a significant influence on her life prior to her mother’s death, sadly died in 2014. Her sister’s death had a major impact on her. Price, who had been married to Jeffrey Rolle for 23 years, made the tough decision to divorce him in 2015.
Jeffrey Jr. and Jonia are the offspring of the former couple. Price married former Navy sailor Terrell Baber after she and Rolle divorced. Despite the fact that she and Rolle are no longer together, their children remain close. They are now the proud grandparents of Jeffrey’s two children. The eldest son of Price and Rolle is now a devoted father and loving husband to Courtney Ann. Sydnee, 8, Lalah, 7, and Charlie, 2, are Jeffrey and his wife’s three adorable daughters.

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