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Kyle Bass, the founder and chief investment officer of Hayman Capital Management, appeared on CNBC on Friday to discuss US-China tensions. Because of human rights violations, Bass believes Chinese companies should not be allowed to do business in the United States. He referred to the communist world as a “paper tiger” that is just as strong as the West claims. Because China’s economy is dependent on the US dollar, and no one takes the yuan seriously, the West holds all the cards, according to Bass.
Bass chastised CNBC for failing to mention China’s religious death camps scheme, as well as Wall Street for cooperating with such a “murderous government.” People wonder why it’s important now, while he wonders why the United States ever did business with the communist regime in the first place.
“One thing that isn’t frequently mentioned on CNBC is that they placed over a million people in concentration camps solely because of their religious beliefs,” Bass said. “Why does the US, and why does Wall Street engage with such a murderous regime? I thought we went to never again after WWII. I’m not sure why, to be honest. You’re asking why now, aren’t you? Is it a good idea to explain why? I have no idea why we did it in the first place.”

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Raoul Pal flies to Dallas to meet with Kyle Bass at the Barefoot Economic Summit to promote our exciting new series The Chain on Real Vision TV. Kyle Bass, the founder and chief investment officer of Hayman Capital, is best known for correctly predicting the subprime mortgage crisis. Kyle explores event-driven vs. macro analysis, his approach to risk and portfolio sizing, and his motivating powers – from negative reinforcement to freediving to the epiphany moment – in this fascinating interview. Kyle Bass will interview one of his investment heroes in the next interview in the series, and The Chain will continue.
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Kyle Bass is one of America’s most well-known hedge fund managers and a regular contributor to Real Vision. Kyle gives us a look inside his unique information-gathering method and impressive rolodex in this series.
Morgan Creek Capital Management’s Founder, CEO, and Chief Investment Officer is Mark Yusko. He is also Morgan Creek Digital Assets’ Managing Partner. Morgan Creek Capital Management was founded in 2004 and now manages approximately $2 billion in discretionary and non-discretionary assets. Mr. Yusko was the CIO and Founder of UNC Management Company (UNCMC), the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Endowment investment office, prior to forming Morgan Creek. He was formerly the University of Notre Dame Investment Office’s Senior Investment Director. Throughout his career, Mr. Yusko has been at the forefront of institutional investing. He was an early adopter of alternative asset classes at Notre Dame, and he took the Endowment Model of investing to UNC, which helped the Endowment achieve major performance gains. Morgan Creek’s ideology is based on the endowment model, as is the mandate to invest in innovation. Via Morgan Creek Digital Assets, which he established in 2018, Mr. Yusko is once again at the forefront of investing. Morgan Creek Digital’s Venture Capital and Digital Asset Index Fund is an early stage participant in blockchain technology, digital currencies, and digital assets. Mr. Yusko graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a BA in History and an MBA in Accounting and Finance from the University of Chicago.

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Actually, I considered using the headline ‘Stay defensive’ as an alternative. The things I read and see make me want to utter Shakespeare’s famous remark that “something is rotten in the State of Denmark.” There’s a lot of evidence that things aren’t going right. Yet, and this is a critical distinction to make, when it comes to trading the markets, these must be regarded as “opinions.” What matters is the message conveyed by the maps. In other words, how different markets discount and respond to different pieces of information.
So, let’s get to the numbers. The message is the same. Trading is choppy and sideways. There is no discernible and solid pattern. It is best to stay away if you are not one of the most nimble traders out there or if you are unable to drastically reduce your time-frame.
Kyle Bass is interviewed in this excellent video. Having a very low market exposure has its advantages. It’s an excellent time to conduct extensive research, read widely, and watch numerous market-related videos. This is not for you if you have a short attention span. The rest of the video is fascinating because Kyle Bass shows a conversation he had with some guys at the Comex at one point. He then reasoned that getting delivery of his gold was in his clients’ best interests. The MF Global scandal is a perfect example of what can go wrong when you rely on futures contracts or some other kind of paper gold to provide you with some kind of protection or insurance. For the past three years, I’ve advocated for keeping physical gold and silver bullion outside of the banking system. As a result, what happened at MF Global does not come as a surprise. Because of the country’s demographics and its reputation as one of the most xenophobic societies, Kyle Bass’ favorite macro short play is Japan. To cut a long story short, the majority of what he discusses is as follows:

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