Lightning news app

Lightning news app

Creating a salesforce lightning app in 12 minutes

I’m going to show you the “NewsApp” lightning component framework in this blog post. This app is designed to display the most recent news stories from various news outlets all over the world. It essentially displays the most recent report on the news source’s website.
This application is driven by “NewsAPI” and is developed on Salesforce Platform using the Salesforce Lightning Component Framework. The “NewsAPI” is a REST API that returns news data in JSON format following a REST call using APEX.
The APEX parser class parses the data received from the API and sends it to the component controller JS. This JS controller processes the data and assigns it to various “aura: attribute” (variables), which are then used in the front end component code to view the news articles.

Demo of news app build using lightning web component

Lightning photography is one of the industry’s burgeoning niches, thanks to advances in camera and accessory technology. The flashes of electricity are unquestionably fascinating topics. This natural phenomenon will captivate you and your audience, leaving you in awe of its unpredictability and strength. It takes talent to be able to catch lightning in all of its glory. Consider how small the chances of capturing them hitting the ground would be. However, with the amount of excitement involved in discovering and chasing lightning, it’s a fun niche to dabble in. There is a sense of risk and surprise, which is ideal for courageous and daring photographers seeking thrills.
You’ll need to cultivate an eye for when it’s time to film and where it’s easiest to do so, in addition to photography skills and useful accessories. Although it is estimated that 44 lightning strikes occur every second on Earth, you will still need assistance in tracking lightning strikes and determining if one is occurring near you.

Lightning homepage customization

Then there’s a bang! As a thunderstorm approaches, another lightning bolt flashes through the air, followed by the rolling clap of thunder. Thunderstorms, which are common in the spring and summer, can send everyone fleeing for cover.
People hit by lightning suffer from a number of long-term, crippling effects, including memory loss, concentration deficiencies, sleep disturbances, numbness, dizziness, stiffness in joints, irritability, exhaustion, weakness, muscle spasms, depression, and an inability to sit for long periods of time, if they are not handled as soon as possible.

Smart news demo | smart news lightning

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