Make it nigeria

Make it nigeria

Fg’s aim is to make nigeria the manufacturing hub in africa

Nigeria and Germany are effective allies. There are great opportunities in politics, economics, and culture that we can take advantage of, as well as obstacles that we must face together: an exciting job for me! Birgitt Ory, Ambassador
The southern part of Nigeria is vital to the development of our countries’ ties. We are concentrating our efforts on key areas such as investment and exchange, academic collaboration, urbanization, sustainability, and renewable energy. Consul General Dr. Stefan Traumann
Germany’s two-year tenure as a member of the United Nations Security Council will end on December 31, 2020. From the Berlin Process on Libya to a new political mission in Sudan to our efforts to combat sexual harassment, we look back on two eventful years.
In early 2020, new guidelines for skilled worker immigration to Germany went into effect. The new legislation broadens the pool of skilled professionals from outside the European Union who are eligible to work in Germany.

Jerry mallo unveils car, made in nigeria

Tola Fadugbagbe is a Tola Fadugbagbe.

Inside africa’s biggest car manufacturing plant!-made in

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, no Nigerian wants to look back. It’s a tremendous opportunity.” Mr Fadugbagbe, who now trades full-time and teaches aspiring investors, said he had cryptocurrency worth more than $200,000 (£140,000) in his possession at the time we talked. “I’ll be moving into my own home, which I’m designing, in the near future.” “Thanks to cryptocurrencies, I have a farm – a really large one,” he smiles, unconcerned that he may be inflating an investment bubble that would inevitably burst. “No Nigerian needs to look back when it comes to cryptocurrencies.” It’s a tremendous opportunity.” Mr. Fadugbagbe’s success has drawn millions of Nigerians to digital currencies like Bitcoin. According to a 2020 online survey conducted by data platform Statista, 32 percent of Nigerians surveyed used cryptocurrencies, the highest percentage of any country in the world.
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Nigeria’s cryptocurrency industry is expected to develop by 2020.
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According to estimates, Nigeria will rank third among the top ten countries for trade volumes in 2020, after the United States and Russia, with more than $400 million in transactions.
Despite the fact that Nigeria has emerged from its second recession in less than five years, the country’s economic climate remains daunting, making new sources of income and alternative currencies appealing.
The Nigerian currency, the naira, was devalued by 24% last year by the Central Bank of Nigeria. There are concerns that the value of the dollar will drop by as much as 10% this year. In the meantime, prices are rising, with food inflation reaching its highest level since July 2008.

Nigerian teens make sci-fi films with smartphones

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Made in nigeria | obinna uzoije | tedxabakaliki

Just six earthly beings have ever surpassed me in a lifetime of ferociously competitive Scrabble. My mother’s nickname for me as a kid was “speedometer,” and I started learning German at the age of nine to keep up with the ten languages my parents shared between them. A competitive spirit is as normal to Nigerians like myself as spicy jollof rice at a wedding. A competitive spirit is as normal to Nigerians like myself as spicy jollof rice at a wedding. In reality, excellence is so deeply ingrained in the Nigerian psyche that the country’s unofficial motto is “Naija no dey carry last” (“Nigeria never comes last”). This winning attitude can be seen both at home and abroad. Nigeria is Africa’s most populous nation and, according to Bloomberg, the continent’s largest economy, earning us the nickname “The Giant of Africa.” In the literary world, international music charts, and in the diaspora, there are numerous examples of Nigerian performance.

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