Mark king artwork

Mark king artwork

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Mark King, a supporter of Impressionism and the Ecole de Paris, was born to British parents in Bombay in 1931. He had an exotic and affluent childhood in India, where he lived until he was sixteen years old during the turbulent last days of the British Raj. Following his graduation from La Martiniere College in Calcutta, where he focused on botany as well as art, King sailed to England to study painting, sculpture, architecture, and theatre design at Bournemouth College of Art. He then worked as a resident scenic designer at the Oxford Playhouse Theatre, the Bristol Old Vic Theatre, and the Scottish National Opera for the next ten years. King wanted to focus on painting in 1961, so he traveled to Paris to study at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts and the Louvre.
From Cimabue and Masaccio to Goya, Turner, Degas, and Bonnard, King has meticulously researched old and new masters. “What I am looking for is not so much making a point, or coming up with something new or different, but getting more virtuoso command of my medium,” says King, who is intrigued by painting techniques, the chemical structure of colors, and how they communicate. The majority of King’s time is spent laying the base, while he carefully layers colors, glazes, and shapes as a substrata for the five to ten percent of acrylic paint that floats on top and forms the finished composition. The underpainting is visible on the surface, giving it depth and texture. “It is not until the last ten to fifteen minutes before completion that I am able to see where the painting is heading and capture the mood of the moment,” King admits of his alla prima approach, in which a painting is realized in a burst of creativity and single application of pigments.

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A few weeks into my position as the company’s Group Marketing & Communications Manager, I creative directed and created this feature on artist Cherise Harris for Automotive Art.

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Cherise was commissioned to spray line chalk on my car’s back window and draw a temporary masterpiece on what stuck to the glass. Standing there watching her wash it away with Automotive Art’s unique Surf City Garage items was heartbreaking. The video was widely promoted through Automotive Art’s nine markets and was seen in their Barbados retail locations. The feature was part of a larger campaign we created to build enthusiasm in the Caribbean for the then-unknown Surf City Garage brand. Not only did sales meet projections, but they also exceeded previous sales records set by Meguiar’s, the previous top-selling car care company.
During my time as Automotive Art’s Group Marketing and Communications Manager, I commissioned Simple Story Videos to produce a captivating explainer video for a global automotive paints company.
At trade shows such as SEMA, Automechanika, and NACE, the aim of this video was to introduce industry leaders to Automotive Art Paints’ dynamic and cost-effective world-class refinishing method.

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In 1931, Mark King was born to British parents in Bombay, India. King’s childhood was filled with exciting adventures and a privileged education. The sixteen-year-old King sailed to England to attend Bournemouth College of Art after graduating from La Martiniére College in Calcutta. He studied drawing, sculpture, architecture, and theatre design at the university. He then worked as the resident scenic designer at the Oxford Playhouse Theatre for seven years. He moved to Paris in 1961 to pursue his passion for painting and studied at the École des Beaux-Arts and the Louvre. There, inspired by the wealth of examples of European masters, he developed his impressionistic style.
Mark King says he spends ninety percent of his painting time preparing. “It takes a long time for me to get started… but once I do, I work with great zeal and enormous bursts of energy. I can’t see where the painting is heading or capture the mood of the moment until the last ten or fifteen minutes before completion.” In both his art and his life, change has played a significant role. “I have an artistic need for exposure to new ideas and images,” he says, and it was this need that led him to America in 1968, where he changed his working methods. King started his career as a landscape painter in France, but he soon expanded his subject matter to include sports. King discovered the camera to be an invaluable tool in his work as a sports artist, and he started to work from photos.

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Mark’s work has been featured in many USA Communication Arts Photo Annuals, twice in the UK AOP awards (including being shortlisted for their Bursary Award in 2007), and in the American Graphic Design Awards and the Royal Photographic Society Awards (RPS).
Mark works with editorial, design, and advertisement clients all over the world on a daily basis. Mark strives for his images to be graphic in nature and perfectly balanced in composition and tone, thanks to his design experience and sensibility. His photography often plays with concepts of abstraction, questioning scale and realism. BA Graphics and Design (Graphics and Design) (specialising in photography).

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