Mark white sculpture

Mark white sculpture

Mark white fine art ‘gliding’ with red patina kinetic

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Mark White, a Santa Fe artist and gallery owner, has always approached his work with a sense of serendipity, ambiguity, and experimentation. “I enjoy learning and am constantly experimenting and pushing my creative limits in pursuit of the less traveled path,” he says.
White is best known for his meditative and mesmerizing kinetic sculptures, but he is also a forward-thinking painter whose subjects, techniques, and mediums are as varied and imaginative as his three-dimensional works. After a decade away from oil painting, White has returned to it with a new perspective in recent years. “Growth is an essential activity for me because the world is constantly evolving,” he says. White’s latest evolution of work is on display at his Canyon Road gallery this month in a solo show appropriately titled New Development. The exhibition runs from July 2 to 16, with an artist reception from 5 to 7 p.m. on Friday, July 5.

Ripples sphere kinetic wind sculpture by mark white

Mark is a sculptor and a painter in addition to being a sculptor. The Arizona Daily Star, Su Casa Magazine, and Santa Fean Magazine have all featured his work and gallery. His art is on display in the historic adobe gallery, which is open seven days a week.
Mark creates all of his kinetics in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They are constructed of high-quality materials, including stainless steel. The kinetic sculpture is given a color patina that allows it to withstand a variety of weather conditions. Copper’s verdigris patina would be improved naturally.
Follow Mark on social media to stay up to date on his latest artwork and to learn more about his entire body of work. Our other musicians, Kelly Cozart and Ethan White, will also be introduced to you.
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Mark white fine art, in the kinetic sculpture garden

White has long desired to pursue a multi-pendulum project, and describes his previous thought process by saying, “If I live long enough, I might get to do those.” “I think about creating new kinetic wind sculptures similarly to how I think about developing new drawings, and it’s the same feeling you have for something – like trying to do something you’ve never seen before leads to new discoveries,” he continues. Every creative act, in my opinion, creates new conditions. You’ll see something that hasn’t been seen before if you try to create something that hasn’t been seen before.”
White’s most recent collection of kinetic wind sculptures is the product of artistic exploration, as well as a tribute to the fathers of kinetics, George Rickey and Alexander Calder. Alexander Calder is best known as the creator of the mobile, a form of sculpture with balanced, suspended components that is powered by motor or wind. George Rickey merged his interests in engineering and mechanics to create grand sculptures that shifted in response to even the smallest air currents. Since he, too, blends his love of architecture, imagination, and engineering to create his kinetic wind sculptures, White is often referred to as a “modern-day renaissance man.”

Mark white fine art – split infinity kinetic wind sculpture

Mark White has been creating exquisitely structured, built-to-last outdoor kinetic sculptures for decades, whose graceful movements are entirely dependent on the whim of the wind. A Mark White wind sculpture is available in a variety of sizes and finishes, ranging from “natural verdigris copper to brightly colored patina,” and is sure to delight and soothe for years to come.
Mark White Fine Art, which was built in the 1700s, is one of Canyon Road’s oldest continuously inhabited structures. In addition to the beautiful indoor area, the gallery features two large outdoor gardens that are elegantly landscaped and soothingly decorated with umbrellas and benches for visitors seeking a break from the city’s bustle. Visitors are exposed to works in a range of mediums within the spacious space. A carefully selected collection of fine oil paintings, bronzes, and engraved metal paintings is available at the gallery. Stone fountains in both carved and natural styles are dotted around the gallery’s welcoming gardens, whose mesmerizing, gentle gurgling adds to the impression that this special gallery is truly an oasis in the desert. Mark White Fine Art is an interesting addition to your Santa Fe itinerary, exhibiting artworks that are as captivating as they are original.

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