Means of production meme

Means of production meme

Sieze means of production [dank meme]

The means of production (also known as capital goods[1] or productive property) are physical and non-financial inputs used in the production of goods and services with monetary value in economics and sociology. Raw materials, equipment, machinery, and tools used in the manufacture of products and services are all examples of this. [two] [three]
The social means of production are capital goods and properties that are operated on by coordinated collective labor activity rather than individual effort.
[number four] The ownership and organisation of social means of production is a critical factor in classifying and identifying various economic structures.
Instruments of labor (tools, factories, infrastructure, etc.) and subjects of labor (people) are two broad categories of artifacts that make up the means of production (natural resources and raw materials). People work on labor subjects with labor instruments to produce a product; or, to put it another way, labor acting on the means of production produces a fine. (5) The soil and the shovel are the primary means of development in an agrarian society. The means of production in an industrial society is collective means of production, which include factories and mines. Computers and networks are development tools in an information economy. The “means of development” often includes “means of distribution” such as supermarkets, the internet, and railroads in a broad sense (Infrastructural capital). [number six]

Linus replies to mean comments

The term “seize the means of production” refers to one of the core tenets of Communism advocated by German philosopher Karl Marx, which calls for the working class and revolutionaries to regain and centralize control of the infrastructure that produces goods and resources. For image macros and other joke formats, it has become a common, politically left-leaning punchline.
Karl Marx[1] wrote in Das Kapital in 1867 that if a laborer “owned (his) means of production, and was content to live as a labourer, he need not work beyond the time necessary for the reproduction of his means of subsistence, say 8 hours a day,” he “need not work beyond the time necessary for the reproduction of his means of subsistence, say 8 hours a day.” The complete term “The phrase “seize the means of development” was first used in black activist W. E. B. DuBois’ posthumous autobiography, written in 1968[2], when he claimed that he considered himself a communist: “It is a historical fact that blacks were brought to this country for the benefit of the ruling class, who at the time were landlords.” They needed someone to cultivate the land and produce productive crops. We have now transitioned from an agrarian to a goods-producing economy. The private owner and the worker, on the other hand, have similar relationships. There has been no improvement. As a result, in order for workers to be free, they must take charge of the means of production.”

What is pogchamp? [a trip down meme-ory lane]

This essay collection, which includes contributions from Scott and McKenzie Wark, Patricia Reed, Jay Owens, Thomas Hobson and Kaajal Modi, Dominic Pettman, Bogna M. Konior, and Eric Wilson, among others, provides the most up-to-date approaches in the field of meme studies and ushers in a new kind of writing about the most recent manifestations of the written online. The book aspires to be the go-to guide for all meme students and academics, and anyone interested in the internet’s most viral phenomena will find it interesting.
Alfie Bown is the author of many books, including The Playstation Dreamworld (Polity, 2017) and In the Event of Laughter: Psychoanalysis, Literature, and Comedy (In the Event of Laughter: Psychoanalysis, Literature, and Comedy) (Bloomsbury, 2018). He also works as a journalist for publications such as the Guardian and the Paris Review. Dan Bristow is a recovering academic, bookseller, and author of Joyce and Lacan: Reading, Writing, and Psychoanalysis (Routledge, 2016) and 2001: A Space Odyssey and Lacanian Psychoanalytic Theory (2001: A Space Odyssey and Lacanian Psychoanalytic Theory) (Palgrave, 2017). He co-founded Everyday Analysis with Alfie Bown, which is now published by New Socialist journal.

Karl marx & conflict theory: crash course sociology #6

For years, we’ve written at Flux Trends about the rise of the militant employee, workers who bite the hand that feeds them when that hand is considered unfair or reckless. They do this by holding public gatherings or sharing their employer’s dirty laundry, such as racism, bigotry, or employee exploitation.
This type of speak-out culture is just one example of how employees, especially tech workers for the digital behemoths, are banding together to organize against their bosses. Tech employees are joining unions to negotiate and protect their interests, from influencers to Amazon warehouse workers.
It’s no surprise that workers are seizing the memes of production in a world where inequality is growing and network firms have turned into dominant rent-seeking digital landlords with near-monopoly market share.
In mid-2020, a group of British Instagram influencers founded the Creator Union, with the stated goals of raising diversity and combating sexism in the industry, as well as improving working standards, pay scales, and rights for self-employed influencers.

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