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Most of us would like to believe that our bodies would be the same in our 50s as they were in our 20s. It’s time to face reality: we won’t! Together Health, a family-run business that manufactures natural, high-quality supplements, employs dietitian Lola Biggs. Lola tells us about the most beneficial supplements for men of various ages…
A daily multivitamin and mineral supplement can help prevent nutrient shortages by providing a boost of skin-loving nutrients like zinc and biotin, as well as B vitamins to help you stay energized during the day.
In your twenties, lingering adolescent acne can make clear skin an issue. You’ll get plenty of omega-3 fats to help regulate your hormones, keep your skin hydrated, and keep angry acne inflammation at bay, in addition to skin-supporting vitamins and minerals.
Stress will start to catch up with you as you reach your more responsible 30s. While your work could be more demanding, pulling all-nighters now leaves you tired the next day. You might also be juggling the demands of family life as well as a mortgage!

Silky – we the men (lyrics)

There’s no sugar coating this news (probably because a lot of Britons can eat it), but more than four million people in the UK have diabetes for the first time – a 65 percent increase from ten years ago. Do you want to avoid being a statistic? Follow our simple seven-point plan.
There’s a lot to do at work, but you’re not sure where to begin? According to a new book by psychology writer Eric Barker, you can rip off the plaster and get started on the study you’ve been putting off. It claims that since you have little willpower, you should begin each day by completing your most dreaded tasks first, or you will never get them finished.
You should consider working out. Your gym’s vocabulary, not ours. According to a study published by the Independent, many gyms sign up more people for annual memberships than they can accommodate. How do they manage to get away with it? Since so many people fail to maintain their New Year’s resolutions. Are you having trouble staying motivated to continue with yours? Here are five motivating ideas to help you make the most of your membership.

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In this daily series, we spend five minutes with the creators of our 2018 Brands of Tomorrow, getting to know their personalities and learning about their motivations. Olivia Francis, the founder and CEO of Hamilton and Hare, a men’s underwear and loungewear company, spoke with us today.
Hamilton and Hare is a men’s underwear and loungewear brand that aims to give these sometimes underappreciated parts of a man’s wardrobe the attention they deserve. The emphasis is on ultimate comfort, which is achieved by the use of quality natural fabrics and an obsession with perfect fit. The idea is that they still look nice, so answering the door in our underwear or loungewear will never be embarrassing.
When I compared the men’s underwear offering to the female counterpart, I realized it was a neglected, underappreciated segment with little creativity and a serious lack of quality. This struck me as strange, particularly because underwear is the first thing on and the last thing off, and I believe it is the most important part of any outfit.

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When you see a casino in a movie, everybody is dressed impeccably in designer tuxes and stunning gowns. If you visit a casino, though, this is unlikely to be the case. Over the years, casino dress codes have become more relaxed.
It can be difficult to know what to wear to a casino while planning a trip there. Is it necessary to dress up or can you get away with something more casual? If you’re unsure what to wear to a casino, here’s a definitive guide to chic casino apparel.
In general, visiting the websites of the casinos you want to visit is always a good idea. Each casino has its own set of rules about attire. Different dress codes can apply depending on what you intend to do while you’re there.
However, there are some general guidelines to follow when it comes to what to wear. These will assist you in achieving success no matter where you go. Some places may require you to be more formal, which we’ll go through later, but following these guidelines will save you from making any big blunders.

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