Michael j peter net worth

Michael j peter net worth

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My coworkers and I offer specialized services to a small community of people and families. We are dedicated to delivering personalized support and financial plans tailored to your particular financial objectives, assisting you in simplifying your life now and in the future.
Peter has worked in the financial services sector for over 35 years. Peter started his career in Merrill Institutional Sales and has worked for Merrill Private Wealth Management since its establishment in 2001. He is well-versed in wealth management and asset management for high-net-worth individuals. In 2008 and 2009, Peter was named to the Baron’s Top 1000 Financial Advisors, ranking among the top 100 advisors in California each year. Peter, who lives in Danville with his wife and two children, graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1983.
Barron’s magazine, Top 1,000 Advisors list, Feb. 09, 2009. Advisors who are eligible for the “America’s Top 1,000 Advisors: State-by-State” list have at least seven years of financial services experience and have worked for their current company for at least one year. Client assets, return on assets, client satisfaction/retention, compliance records, and community engagement are among the quantitative and qualitative criteria used to rate Advisors. In exchange for rankings, Barron’s does not accept compensation from Advisors, participating companies and their affiliates, or the media. Dow Jones & Company, Inc. owns the brand Barron’s. Both intellectual property rights are reserved. Since they constitute an average or sampling of client experiences, the ranking or ratings displayed here may not be representative of all client experiences. These rankings or ratings do not guarantee future results or investment returns.

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Stringfellow was born on October 17, 1940, in Sheffield’s City General Hospital to Elsie Bowers and James William Stringfellow, a steelworker who worked in the Royal Scots Greys during WWII. He was the oldest of four children, with Geoffrey, Paul, and Terry as his younger siblings. [3] The family remained in Pitsmoor’s Andover Street until 1948, when they moved to Pitsmoor’s Marshall Street. Pye Bank Church of England Primary School was where Peter Stringfellow went to school. Since failing the 11+, he spent a year at Burngreave Secondary School. He then passed the entrance exam for Sheffield Central Technical College and graduated three years later with a 4th grade Technical Diploma at the age of 15. [number four]
Stringfellow worked at a cinema on The Wicker arterial street when he was 13 years old. His first job since graduating from high school was at Austin Reed as an assistant tie salesman. At the age of 16, he enlisted as an apprentice in the Merchant Navy after doing some odd jobs. His time in the Merchant Navy was just two years. (5)

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Michael J. Peter is a graduate of Cornell University’s prestigious school of hotel and restaurant management. His achievements in the area of restaurant/showroom entertainment have earned him several industry awards, and he has opened and operated over 100 supper clubs and showrooms in 14 countries around the world.
Michael J. Peter’s lengthy resume includes the “Living Hero” award, the “Hall of Fame” award, major national talk show appearances, his life featured on “Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous,” prolific tv producer, major events organizer, and ground-breaking magazine publisher, having created Platinum Magazine – the predecessor to MAXIM.
The popularity of Peter’s phenomenally successful businesses, including the ground-breaking designs for the present day, high-end, sophisticated “Solid Gold” and “Pure Platinum” nightclubs, has been chronicled in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Playboy, and Penthouse magazines. Motley Crue’s greatest hit “Girls, Girls, Girls” was inspired by his “DollHouse” operation in Fort Lauderdale.

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