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12th of August, 2019 Pensions and institutions were not invested in private prisons to make a profit. I am of the Michael Jordan school of thinking, in which when asked to 14 Nov 2018 Candide Group’s Real Money Moves aims to raise funds for social investment firm Candide Group’s Real Money Moves aims to raise funds for social investment firm Candide Group’s Real Money Moves aims to raise funds for social investment firm Candide Group’s Real Money Moves aims to raise funds for social Instead of offering it to businesses that invest in private prisons, like Michael B. Jordan and JAY-Z advocate, it should go to people like Michael B. Jordan and JAY-Z. In addition to seeing the Lakers win in Los Angeles,
April 2nd, 2013 These individuals see correctional facilities as a lucrative investment opportunity. Since Jordan became a billionaire thanks to Nike, the study states that the brand’s investment in private prisons is also Jordan’s investment, which was published in 1993, shortly after the first private prison was opened. This theory spawned a slew of Michael Jordan prison memes. Jordan has attracted as many detractors as supporters. He has long been chastised for not doing enough to help the black community. Michael Jordan did, in fact, put money into private prison stocks. But not Michael Jordan, who flies around and slams balls into hoops. Michael Jordan, who works for the Bureau of Environmental Services in Portland, Oregon, is the person in question. In a nutshell, it’s a case of misidentification. They are two people with very different backgrounds who just happen to be in the same place at the same time. We saw the never-ending debate of Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James resurface in the wake of LeBron James’ opening of his “I Promise” school—but this time it was about what they did off the court. And the only thing I’ve seen is false news. I’ve seen tweets over the last few years about people claiming that Michael Jackson has invested in and supported private prisons.

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For years, there has been a report that Michael Jordan, the NBA legend, is investing in jails. I did my research on this a few years ago and wanted to share it with you so that people would hopefully stop spreading false facts.
Minorities make up the bulk of those incarcerated in the United States. Private prisons are unquestionably a factor in the disproportionate imprisonment of people of color… But I’m sure you can see why Jordan received such a backlash from the black community.
There is a Michael Jordan who invests in jails, but it is not the NBA legend that we all believe. This individual has the same name as Michael Jordan, but he is a white man who works for the Bureau of Environmental Services in Portland, Oregon.
I hope this clarifies stuff for you and that the rumor about one of the greatest basketball players of all time is debunked. I understand there aren’t many accounts of him giving back to the black community, but that doesn’t excuse spreading lies and misinformation!

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6th of April, 2005 So, what advantages does hiring inmates have for private businesses? Kevin Mannix, an Oregon State Representative, urged Nike to move from its Shearson Lehman headquarters (investment in private prisons) April 27th, 2000 The Penn antisweat a dining-hall contractor’s investment in private prisons or cooperation with the More recently, Nike’s Phil Knight, who had promised $30 million to the These white folks should take a photo of “every white man USA,” name him “Mike Jordan,” and say “THIS IS THE MIKE JORDAN who invested in the school to jail.” April 18th, 2018 According to a source, Michael Jordan owns prisons and uses inmate labor to support his claims. Michael Jordan invested in private prisons, but the former Chicago Bulls star would not invest in prisons, according to Nike Air Jordans. 2016-07-26 ‘He Took Commerce Over,’ says Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of Michael Jordan. Jordan invests knowingly in the private prison sector, I believe. 15 December 2019 For the tycoons who have invested in the prison business, it has been like There, they can earn $1.25 an hour and work eight hours a day, with occasional overtime. Nike should cut production in Indonesia and transfer it to his state, he said. It pays to be a criminal! GEO Group stock tracker CCA/CoreCivic stock tracker Place your order for “Prison Profiteers” today! Here’s where you can promote your company. 10th of October, 2014 Insourcing is the term used in the United States to describe prison labor. two private vendors who collect fish, milk, and herd cattle with the help of cheap prison labor.

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Michael Jordan had an incredible basketball career, but he wasn’t always the best teammate. His Airness was obsessed with winning above all else, so he pushed himself—and, more controversially, others—to the brink. Being MJ’s teammate wasn’t a free ride to the title, as Steve Kerr and Horace Grant discovered.
Those connections, on the other hand, can be reciprocal. In the aftermath of The Last Dance, one of Jordan’s former Chicago Bulls teammates referred to him as a “capitalist prisoner.” His Airness, on the other hand, is unlikely to mind.
According to Nielsen research, ESPN’s “The Last Dance” averaged 5.6 million viewers overall, making it the network’s most-watched documentary.
The series outperformed “You Don’t Know Bo,” which premiered in 2012 with 3.6 million total viewers.
— Sun-Times Sports (@suntimes sports) is a Twitter account run by the Chicago Sun-Times. 19th of May, 2020
The Last Dance has been a weekly tradition for the past five weeks. Without professional sports in our lives, fans all over the world gathered around their televisions to reflect on Michael Jordan’s illustrious career.

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