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Microsoft technology licensing llc

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Multiplayer video games are the subject of US Patent No. 9,861,896 (the ‘896 Patent). The innovation is a platform-wide party multiplayer gaming system. One or more groups may be formed from the players. This party system enables players to communicate with one another through consoles. Notifications from events may also be exchanged between consoles. A player can receive updates from other party members who are playing other video games even if they are playing a different game. Greater connectivity and communication between players is allowed by the improved functionality and accessibility. This invention aims to bridge the gap between multiplayer gaming parties and the interconnectedness that modern social media groups have developed.
A process and framework for implementing a platform-wide party system in a multiplayer gaming environment. Players can join one or more parties, and members of those parties can choose to automatically exchange messages in response to changes in the state of the players in a gaming environment. The party framework exposes an API with a variety of function calls that can be easily incorporated into game play. A first player may specify which notification events he or she wants to receive from a second player in the same party as the first player. When a desired notification event is detected on the second player’s video game console, an event notification can be sent to the first player’s video game console, causing the first player’s video game console to perform an action. Event alerts can be shown to the first player via text and/or sound while the first player is engaged in any game session and without requiring the first player to leave the current game session.

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G06F 3/0484 – Graphical user interfaces [GUI] for controlling specific functions or operations, such as selecting or manipulating an object or an image, setting a parameter value, or selecting a range
G06F 3/0488 – Interaction methods focused on graphical user interfaces [GUI] using special features offered by the input device, e.g. functions operated by mouse rotation with dual sensing arrangements, or of the design of the input device, e.g. tap movements based on pressure sensed by a digitiser using a touch-screen or digitiser, e.g. command input by traced gestures
G06F 3/00 – Input arrangements for converting data to be interpreted into a form that the computer can handle; Output arrangements for transferring data from the processing unit to the output unit, e.g. interface arrangements.
G06F 3/0481 – Graphic user interface [GUI]-based interaction strategies based on basic properties of the displayed interaction object or a metaphor-based environment, e.g. interaction with desktop elements such as windows or icons, or aided by a cursor’s changing behavior or appearance

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A kickstand system is mentioned. A kickstand is rotatably connected to a mobile computing system in at least some implementations. The kickstand can be rotated to various positions to serve the computing unit in various orientations. Hinges are used to connect a kickstand to a mobile computing device in at least some cases. One type of hinge uses preset hinge stops to enable the kickstand to be positioned in a variety of positions. Another example hinge applies pressure to the kickstand’s side, which provides stabilization and vibration dampening.
The following U.S. provisional patent applications demand priority under 35 U.S.C. 119(e), and the entire disclosures of each of these applications are incorporated by reference in their entirety:
Mobile computing devices were created to expand the features available to users in a mobile environment. To check email, surf the web, write messages, communicate with apps, and so on, a user may use a cell phone, tablet computer, or other mobile computing device.

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Rearranging the location of a photodiode within an illumination device to achieve improved characteristics and a smaller form factor is defined. A laser assembly, a MEMS mirror system, a beam combiner, and a photodiode are all components of an illumination system. The MEMS mirror device redirects laser light emitted by the RGB lasers to illuminate pixels in an image frame, and the laser assembly includes RGB lasers. The laser light is combined by the beam combiner. The photodiode is used to calculate the laser assembly’s power output by obtaining and measuring some laser light. Before or after collimating optics and/or the beam combiner, the photodiode can be advantageously placed.
According to embodiments of the present innovation, methods, operating systems, computer-storage media, and graphical user interfaces are provided for facilitating material navigation. A data structure is created in one embodiment to organize data from content associated with an event at which the content is addressed. During the case, input is controlled, and a signal is identified that can be used to identify relevant information. Through comparing at least a portion of the detected input with the data in the data structure, information that is related to the detected input is defined based on the input. An indication of the relevant content is given to cause presentation or notification of the relevant content.

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