Selection of the best microstrategy world 2020

Selection of the best microstrategy world 2020

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MicroStrategy World 2020 was held at the Universal Orlando Resort in sunny Florida during the first week of February. “Expect Epic,” as one of this year’s taglines put it, set the bar high for both vendors and attendees. With the goal of bringing the “Intelligent Enterprise to life,” this highly awaited analytics conference promised magic and professional development.
Since MicroStrategy has been around for more than 30 years, many of the attendees at this conference were long-time consumers who have seen their companies and industries change dramatically in recent years. However, as a result of this expansion, the underlying data and analytics requirements of these companies have changed drastically. Many people are satisfied with their MicroStrategy approach, but an increasing number of people are searching for a solution that is adaptable to their existing infrastructure and has the performance potential to handle their growing data volumes.
“We are the go-to solution for acceleration,” Saswata demonstrated to the audience. We don’t work in memory; instead, we work directly in your data lake, whether it’s Hadoop, AS3, or Azure Data Lake, and we provide a Kylin-based solution that has been thoroughly tested.” The fact that “we can accelerate queries no matter the size of the dataset, whether it is 2MB or 2PB,” was the hook that kept people talking after they had claimed their freebies.

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We’ll talk about how other data and analytics capabilities, such as data governance, modern data architecture, embedded analytics, artificial intelligence, and more, integrate into your business intelligence journey. So stop by booth 206 and say hello.
Customers are shifting from a desire to be educated to a desire to be involved. Assume you’re a big corporation’s Chief Marketing Officer. You’ve been told you’re losing business because you don’t seem to understand who your clients are or what they want. You’ve been charged with developing a consumer insight kit based on analytics. What’s the best way to transform a vision into a collection of capabilities? How do you divide the issue into tiers, starting with big picture objectives (organizational alignment) and working your way down to deliverables (products) and user specifics (capabilities)? What criteria do you use to determine success? Tags will be covered in this session. Artificial Intelligence (AI) analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) Data abounds. Migration to the Cloud for Business Intelligence Governance of data integration of data Embedded Artificial Intelligence Embedded Analytics Intelligent Automation by ETL MicroStrategy is a term used to describe a strategy that is MicroStrategy is a company that specializes in micromanagement. In the year 2020, the world will be a Analytics in the Modern Age Data Architecture in the Modern Era MSTR MSTR MSTR MSTR MSTR M

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“MicroStrategy World 2020 is a premier annual destination for leading companies on a journey to significantly boost business competitiveness, where attendees will discuss advances in HyperIntelligence, analytics, and mobility for competitive advantage,” said Saurabh Abhyankar, MicroStrategy Incorporated’s Executive Vice President of Marketing. “Our mission is to empower attendees with our strategic vision and roadmap, as well as provide them with the tools and information they need to drive their digital transformation within their organizations.”
MicroStrategy 2020, the most transparent and full analytics offering on the market, will be showcased at World 2020, empowering every company to become a more Intelligent EnterpriseTM. Attendees can hear motivational tales about how enterprise analytics, mobility, AI, and cloud technology have aided business leaders in delivering market-leading solutions. Speakers at the conference include:
HyperIntelligence will be featured at the conference, with live demos on how insights from HyperIntelligence cards may help businesses boost operations while lowering costs. More than 100 hands-on sessions and opportunities will be available to conference attendees, including technical professional presentations, seminars, and customer and partner success stories.

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One of our favorite conferences is MicroStrategy World. Michele Perry, PDS VP of Service Delivery and Web Analytics, appreciated the ability to work with Ronald Lettieri, SUNY Stony Brook Medicine’s Associate Director of Finance and Analytic. Michele and Ron hope that by demonstrating how effective organization-wide self-service analytics can be, other companies will be inspired to adopt federated analytics. Beyond their presentation, Michele, Ron, and the rest of the PDS team had a great time talking about what’s going on in the world of analytics technology.

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