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Recap of the Previous Year “Good poets borrow,” a college professor once told me. Great poets plunder.” I’m not a poet, but I did write a dissertation in which I cited several people who are much better thinkers and authors than I would ever be. With that in mind, I’ll begin this preview of DC United’s 2020 season…
Welcome to the 2021 MLS Fantasy Season, fantasy managers! The start of the season brings two exciting opportunities: 1) building your first team and 2) joining your favorite fantasy leagues. As is customary, I’ll be hosting a number of leagues to help support the various MLSFB platforms, and this year, FOUR (4) of those leagues will bring…
Recap of the Previous Year Despite the fact that the 2020 season opener was a nervous one, Red Bull New York fans were able to leave with a smile on their faces. They defeated FC Cincinnati, who are currently at the bottom of the 2019 table, 3-2. Fans never imagined they’d have to wait a year to see a soccer match while eating empanadas and Dippin’ Dots at…

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Thank you for returning! After a fairly routine gameweek with no major surprises or upsets, the fantasy MLS captain rankings for round 11 have been published. Another thrilling gameweek awaits you in Round 11, with some good offensive captaincy candidates. Here are the results of our poll: a) Alejandro Pozuelo a) Alejandro Pozuelo a) (Vs Red Bull New York, Vs Atlanta United) He’s easy to recommend because of his continuity and form…
Thank you for returning! After a short game week, the fantasy MLS captain rankings for round 5 are here. The second DGW of the season has arrived, and it’s time to put all of your experience and tips to work in order to make the most of the latest DGW law. My captaincy rankings for the week are as follows: a) Alejandro Pozuelo a) Alejandro Pozuelo a) Alejandro Po
Thank you for returning! After a surprising end to round 3, with five of the final matches being postponed, the fantasy MLS captains rankings for round 4 are here. As the games resume, here are our top five captaincy picks for this week: 1) Alejandro Pozuelo (@Montreal Impact) With an assist in each of the last three games, Pozuelo has been in excellent form.

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Russell has six goals this season, which is tied for second most for Sporting Kansas City. He has appeared in 21 games, scoring 0.35 goals per 90 minutes on average. Russell has attempted 50 shots this season, the majority of which have been for his club. Despite the fact that Alan Pulido ($16,200) has six goals and 0.56 goals per 90 minutes, he is not my Captain because he is listed as questionable for this game. Russell, while not being a natural striker, may be a valuable target as Captain.
Sporting Kansas City’s Busio plays an important attacking midfielder role in a central position. He may drift wider to deliver passes into the box or step straighter to take shots just inside or outside the box from this location. This season, he has taken 36 shots, six of which have been on goal. In addition, he has one goal and three assists. Still, given that he scored against the San Jose Earthquakes in the previous game, he may be a valuable addition to your fantasy roster.
Molino is Minnesota’s top goal scorer this season. In 18 games, he has nine goals for an impressive average of 0.64 goals per 90 minutes. He’s fired 38 shots so far (with 17 on target). He has four assists as well. By any measure, these are awe-inspiring offensive figures. He’s averaging 16 DKFP per game, which isn’t shocking.

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The Philadelphia Union’s playmaker is Monteiro. For this vital playoff game, he was rushed back from international service on a chartered flight. He has three goals and six assists to his credit, but his job is to create opportunities that lead to goals. In Philadelphia’s often-used 4-1-2-1-2 formation, he plays a critical role on the left flank. He’s also put up a respectable 13.9 DKFP per game average.
This season, Przybylko has recorded the second-most minutes for the Philadelphia Union (1974). With eight goals, he is tied for first place on his team with Sergio Santos. He has six assists as well. He has a high conversion rate of shots taken into shots on target, which is impressive. He’s attempted 54 shots and made 25 of them on target (close to 50 percent ). He has a DKFP average of 11.8 per game.
Santos has also scored eight goals, making him an important fantasy pick. He’s fired 34 bullets, 12 of which were on goal. Eight of them have resulted in goals. Philadelphia, who will rely on his ability in front of goal against a tenacious New England defense, will be pleased with his conversion rate. He has an average of 0.59 goals per 90 minutes in 21 games this season, which is very high by any measure.

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