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Moon – Reddit’s Ethereum-Based Cryptocurrency: All You Need to Know 2021 March 20th @nambiampurath 1,085 reads Nambiampurath, Rahul I use persuasive content to help B2B SaaS and fintech companies generate leads. With the launch of Community Points in 2020, the debate website Reddit took the concept of democratizing user-generated content mainstream. Simply put, these points allow users to be compensated financially for their contributions to the site and community. These points convert to digital tokens on a blockchain on a more technical basis.
Each Reddit subreddit that participates will eventually earn its own version of Community Points. Initially, however, the platform’s developers agreed that the cryptocurrency group would be the first to use this new function. The MOON token was born as a result of this.
MOON is a digital currency created exclusively for the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit to encourage participation.
Reddit is a social media platform that allows people to Community Points vs. Karma Reddit has had a reputation system in the form of ‘karma’ points for a long time, which basically reflect a user’s won ‘upvotes.’ Users can now assign a monetary value to their donations thanks to the launch of MOON. MOON tokens and the Community Points program are intended to promote high-quality articles, conversations, and interaction, according to Reddit’s vision. Reddit plans to deliver social features including user tipping, prize-based competitions, and weighted voting by valuing a user’s group credibility. In the short time since the project’s launch, many use cases for MOON tokens have already emerged. Reddit administrators announced in September 2020 that MOON tokens could be converted into Reddit Coins. Reddit Coins, which were previously only available in exchange for fiat currencies, enable users to reward posts and comments. The first batch of MOON tokens were distributed to all current members of r/CryptoCurrency later that month, after being announced in May 2020. A total of 50 million tokens were distributed to the subreddit’s current user base in the beginning. However, since claiming these tokens was a manual operation, many users are likely to have missed out on receiving their free gift.

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Even if all of this is feasible, it is unlikely to occur anytime soon. The explanation for this is that, prior to circulating, crypto exchanges must list tokens, which must be called differently for each Reddit subgroup. The user should be able to use the Reddit mobile app to set up a digital wallet that accepts currency. The cryptocurrency is only a test, according to Reddit. Cryptocurrency is being tested in other subreddits. People use Fortnite BR as an example of how to play Fortnite: Battle Royale. The token definition is very common among gamers. Another common example is V-buck, which can be purchased or earned while playing the game. “We run tests all the time to see what features attract our users and communities,” said a Reddit spokesperson in San Francisco. “With Community Points, we’re working with two groups specifically to test this feature and get input from our users.” It was also explained that Fortnite Epic has no link to Reddit’s effort. However, some crypto experts are having second thoughts. They believe that group point awards are linked to “karma.” Reddit makes money from “karma,” which can be earned by making a clever tweet, for example.

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Investors should be aware that this week’s Reddit-fueled rally has nothing to do with fundamentals, and that retail traders add a fresh formula for mania to an already unpredictable market as pot stocks come back down to earth.
An army of Reddit traders effectively forced each other to buy the company’s stock, putting pressure on hedge funds who had placed large bets on the price falling. Short sellers are traders who bet on stock prices falling.
Sundial Growers Inc. was a unicorn when it went public on the Nasdaq in August 2019, with a market cap of $1 billion. By August 2020, the company’s market capitalization had dropped to $50 million. Picture from the press
Since cannabis stocks have smaller market caps, Reddit traders are attracted to them because they can have a significant effect on the price. Since Apple and other billion-dollar firms have such a high market cap, Reddit is unable to drive them.
The company’s third-quarter financial results showed sales of $12.9 million, down 36.3 percent from the $20.2 million announced in the previous quarter. During the year, the company lost $71.4 million in net income.

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The 400th Edition Special: 45 of the Best Investment Ideas is a hot topic right now. The baby boom retirement wave in the 2020s will be a watershed moment. How long will I be able to live off my retirement savings? In reality, when most people die, they have no superpower. The planet in 2030: Six investment recommendations for the next ten years
Whatever the various hypotheses about the effect of the unprecedented events surrounding GameStop (GME) trading, one market truth remains: you never know who is on the other side of your exchange. The Reddit community portrays a win over a few hedge funds as the little guy getting his vengeance on Wall Street, but many of the’suits’ are having a good time.
Young anti-establishment Reddit users appear to assume that everyone talking on their pages is on the side of the good guys. However, anybody can sign up and start commenting, and experienced traders and hedge funds make a living by gathering data from a variety of sources. They not only keep an eye on what’s being said on these pages, but they also make statements that are tailored to their own market positions. ASIC and other regulators have cautioned for years about brokers using social media to manipulate the market, knowing that seasoned traders are present. They will ‘pump’ up the price with their words and deeds, then ‘dump’ their shares into the hands of newcomers once the hysteria has begun.

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