Morpheus meme what if i told you

Morpheus meme what if i told you

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What are the chances that a line from The Matrix never existed? “What if I told you,” starts the verse, which is thought to have been spoken by Morpheus (Lawrence Fishburne). It’s also been repurposed into a common joke meme, making it part of the zeitgeist. However, that line was never actually spoken in the movie. So, how did fans come to believe it was true?
Fans assume Morpheus said “What if I told you” while describing the Matrix to Neo (Keanu Reeves). Morpheus’ monologue about how all in the Matrix is a construct intended to distract Neo from the brutal reality that he is merely a slave to machines running the planet in a remote, post-apocalyptic future would have started with that sentence. The monologue leads up to a scene in the movie where Morpheus offers Neo the option of the blue pill, which will make him forget their conversation and allow him to go on with his life, or the red pill, which will permanently open his eyes and release him from the Matrix. It’s worth noting that Morpheus’ “What if I told you” line was never actually spoken, but has instead become an infamously misquoted line from the film.

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What if I told you meme is a meme with the face and appearance of a well-known character from the Matrix film from 2001. This meme is well-known on Memegenerator and probably elsewhere on the internet. Since memegenerator added the image after the movie’s release, the character Matrix Morpheus from the movie Matrix has been mocked, and people have been making their own memes with him in them. Also, the meme portrays Matrix giving someone advice about what to do or not do to the person he’s talking about or reacting to. However, most people who don’t have accounts or who do have accounts on the app and original version of memegenerator have added several pictures of memes that include a meme of him. Lawrence Fishburn is the actor who plays Matrix Morpheus, as some fans might know.
Morpheus from the Matrix anime (Who is actually Takeshi Ooi from death note) On the internet, there have been some characters that make the same joke as matrix morpheus. However, there have been reports of photoshop and Adobe software users altering memes of various characters, both actual and animated. In any case, the meme may be altered or encountered on a computer.

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As fans have rewatched The Matrix over the years, they’ve found that the quote “What if I told you” isn’t included in the film. Many people swear the line was included in the theatrical run of the film, but it has since vanished from versions of the film removed for broadcast purposes or DVD/Blu-Ray releases, according to various discussions. There have been 17 views. 91 percent sharesavehidereport Voted up This discussion has been closed. There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort by the strongest.

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Before The Matrix, the term was more common than “I have a bad feeling about this,” but it only really gained prominence at the same time. Was there any famous use of the phrase around the time Star Wars came out, or was it natural? I’m not familiar enough with pop culture to know if there was any famous use of the phrase around the time Star Wars came out, but was there any such use that immediately kickedstart the phrase’s popularity, or was it natural?
That particular phrase was in common conversational use before The Matrix, as far as I’m aware, but its success as a meme is clearly due to the film. Prior to Morpheus, it had never been a “catch word” for any other character or job that I was aware of.
So, yeah, The Matrix inspired the term and meme. It’s simply a misquote. It’s very common for popular movie and television phrases to be subtly altered as people repeat and misquote them. This is especially true when the misquoted version is more concise or pithy than the original.
Morpheus gives a long speech about the Matrix in The Matrix, beginning with “Let me tell you…” He then goes on to tell Neo some incredible stories. He says a number of similar lines of dialoge in the Construct later, in the general sense of “Why do you think xxx is real?” Most certainly, much of this conversation has been reduced to its most basic definition, which has been articulated in the much more meme-worthy phrase, “What if I told you…”

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