Which are the best mr submarine bellwood il?

Which are the best mr submarine bellwood il?

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jlytle5 has written 5 reviews. On the 11th of December 2018, I checked it out on my phone. Gyros are incredible. My friend recommended having the gyros here, but I was hesitant because gyros purchased elsewhere tasted like a cheap knockoff.
Review by 750patl11 on July 10, 2017 to grab a bite to eat I’ve put an order for takeout and sat down to eat. The food was excellent. If you don’t want a sub sandwich, the staff is really helpful. Within this spot is a fish/chicken restaurant that I can’t recall the name of right now. (laughing) They, too, serve delectable meals and are available until 2 a.m. and more The tour took place in July of 2017. Is this information useful?
reviews by luna6373415
On the 11th of April, 2015, I checked it out on my phone. The most successful This is the best Mr Submarine I’ve ever seen. The staff is always polite, the restaurant is always clean, and the food is always new. It’s a long drive for me, but it’s well worth it because they still get it right. Is this information useful?

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BIGGER IS BETTER IN COLD SUBsBIGGER IS BETTER IN COLD SUBsBIGGER IS BET All of the subs come in 8″ (half) and 16″ (whole) sizes. 1. ham, salami, and cheese (pressed) 2. cheese and boiled ham capicola 3. chicken with buffalo sauce Mr. pressed haM, pepperoni, salami, and cheese 5. super sub hams, capicola, salami, and cheese, peppered, boiled, and spiced 6. beef roast 7. turkeypepped turkeyhoney smoked turkeyoven gold turkey 8. ham, salami, capicola, and cheese from Italy nine.tuna ten. ham and cheese 11. COMBINATION OF ROAST BEEF AND TURKEY 12. cheese, ham, and salami 13. cheese and salami bologna & cheesepepperoni & cheese 14. all made of cheese TURN ANY SUB INTO A COMBO! A DRINK AND CHIP OR A SMALL HOMEMADE SALAD CAN BE ADDED. ALL SANDWICHES COME WITH LETTUCE, TOMATO, ONION, OIL AND VINEGAR, SALT, PEPPER, AND OREGANO, MAYO, AND HOT RELISH ON REQUEST. ALL SANDWICHES ARE AVAILABLE IN WRAPSBREADS ARE BAKED DAILY IN OUR BAKERY

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