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“Ulysses” is a blank verse poem written in 1833 by Victorian poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809–1892) and published in his well-received second volume of poetry in 1842. It is a well-known example of the dramatic monologue and is often quoted. As he approaches old age, the legendary hero Ulysses describes his frustration and restlessness upon returning to Ithaca, his kingdom. Despite the fact that he has reunited with his wife Penelope and son Telemachus, Ulysses wishes to travel again.
The character of Ulysses (Odysseus in Greek) has been extensively discussed in literature. Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey (c. 800–700 BC) were the first to document Odysseus’ exploits, and Tennyson uses Homer’s narrative in the poem. Most critics, on the other hand, believe that Tennyson’s Ulysses is reminiscent of Dante’s Ulisse in the Inferno (c. 1320). Ulisse is sentenced to hell among the false counsellors in Dante’s retelling, both for his search of wisdom beyond human bounds and for establishing the Trojan horse’s deceit.

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Currently, 74 percent of Malawi’s population is undernourished. That’s a ridiculously high figure. Unpredictable weather and unreliable yields plague many smallholder farmers. The MicroLoan Foundation had the brilliant idea of assisting female farmers in diversifying their crops by growing soy using tested conservation farming methods that produce higher-quality crops in greater quantities. Hundreds of women have been trained and given affordable loans to invest in their farming as a result of our collaboration. Test farms produced 280 percent more crops as a result of the initiative. That’s a lot of food – enough to ensure that their families never go hungry and that they have some spare cash.

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Our relationship with the soil has shaped our ability to grow crops and the success of civilizations throughout history. Soil as the basis of agriculture is affirmed by this relationship between humans, the earth, and food sources.
Human civilization has progressed through the innovative and constructive use of our planet’s resources in a variety of ways that have aided human development and sustained global communities. Soil and water, among these tools, have given humans the ability to produce food for our survival through agriculture. This article will highlight 1) our transition from hunter-gatherer to agrarian societies; 2) the major soil properties that lead to fertile soils; 3) the impacts of intensive agriculture on soil degradation; and 4) the basic concepts of sustainable agriculture and soil conservation in exploring the connection between soil and agriculture. These issues will be addressed in order to illustrate the importance of soils in our agriculturally based society.

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There are two distinct threats posed by climate change. To begin mitigating the worst impacts of climate change in the years ahead, our global civilization must reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. With the world’s estimated annual emissions of 51 billion tons of greenhouse gases, this could be the most difficult challenge mankind has ever faced. However, if we begin working toward that target now, we will be able to achieve it. Our co-chair Bill Gates sets out a detailed road map for reducing global emissions to net-zero in his latest book How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, and points to where more creativity is required to succeed.
That will be difficult enough, but getting to net zero is just half of the challenge. Even if the world achieves net-zero emissions in the next 30 years, certain consequences have already been identified. The fact that Sub-Saharan Africa will be hit harder and sooner by major warming than most of the rest of the planet is hidden by global temperature averages. As a result, we must also assist vulnerable people in adapting to the current climate change. The foundation’s primary climate emphasis is on accelerating these critical adaptation efforts, and we believe we can play a catalytic role in doing so.

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