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Why buy omg coin reddit?

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OmiseGOPostsCommunities is a community created by OmiseGO. Members of OmiseGOcardcardclassiccompactr/Electrify1.5k have made posts about OmiseGOcardcardclassiccompactr/Electrify1.5k. The aim of Electrify is to eliminate all barriers to energy production, use, and trading. We hope to bring complete transparency and liquidity to the power market through our platform, allowing everyone to generate, sell, exchange, and consume energy with minimal friction.
Hello there,
Since last year, OmiseGo has been renamed OMG Network.
However, the old name and logo are still visible on Tradingview.
Is it possible for the Tradingview team to update this, or does it have to be sourced from somewhere else?
Prices for all cryptocurrencies can be found at https://www.tradingview.com/markets/cryptocurrencies/prices-all/.
https://www.tradingview.com/symbols/OMGUSD/     &nb
The new logo can be downloaded from Github.
Hot regards,
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5 months ago by sharesave56•Posted by
OmiseGoEcosystem and Ethereum 2.0
I had a hard time comprehending the rebranding, but omisego was really cool.
But now it all makes sense. When I first joined the ICO, one of the reasons we were accepted was because of the parent company, Omise. Let’s take a look at what happens next. I’ll be watching and studying from the sidelines. There are 255 comments. •Posted 11 months ago by sharesave64 OmiseGo – I’m still down over 90% ArchivedOMG – OmiseGo – I’m still down over 90% BRAND-NEW-COIN

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This time around, I can appreciate OMG’s silence. There was no hype, no skateboard stickers, nothing but silence. The GBV team completed their AMA, and I’d like to think they’re working feverishly behind the scenes to sell OMG technology right now. The best part is that the technology is already in place, audited, and ready to use, and recent research has shown that using OMG for value transfers is often less expensive than using rollups. As a result, OMG has a lot of promise. If you follow crytospace, this is very similar to when Jae Kwon quit the Cosmos project and everyone thought it was doomed, and now they’re about to deploy IBC, which will enable sovereign blockchains to interact with one another, a year later. DYOR & HODL6 commentssharesavehidereport83 percent DYOR & HODL6 commentssharesavehidereport Log in or create an account to leave a message. Sign UpSign In Sort by the strongest.

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As mentioned in the title, I’m interested in hearing from anyone who has traded or is keeping an eye on these cryptos this year, as I’m considering making a large investment through the Revolut app. What are your thoughts on the matter? Is it wise to invest in them? Throughout January and the beginning of February, they seemed to be gaining and gaining. Since there has been a slight drop in the last few days, I assume now is a great time to buy in if the surge picks up again. a total of 6 comments 86 percent sharesavehidereport Voted up To leave a comment, please log in or create an account. Sign UpSign InSort by Best See what’s going on in 1 other culture.

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